Toylogic launches Happy Wars Title Update 13, Castle Crashers, Minecraft, Memberships and more!
Company: Toylogic
Toylogic Inc. announced the release of the 13th title update for Happy Wars for Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.
Everything from items, game modes, Minecraft, Castle Crashers, Memberships, and Ticket giveaways are included this week.

In this latest update, multiple new game elements have been added, including "Support Items" that enhance the growth of characters, "Premium Memberships" that accelerate your rank-up process during a set period of time, and "Item Evolution" which transforms items into a more powerful and cooler-looking version.

In tandem with the major update, we will be hosting a return of the collaborative event with two famous Xbox 360 titles, "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" and "Castle Crashers".
These events will be running for two consecutive weeks, and will take place in the new "Bounty Hunters" game mode.

In "Bounty Hunters", teams win by earning a certain amount of bounty money across the entire team.

Firstly, in this week, playing the "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" collaborative version of the "Bounty Hunters" game mode will give you access to reward equipment items based on "Steve" the protagonist and everyone's favorite Minecraft character, the Creeper.

Also, if your account has at least one "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" Achievement unlocked on it, you will get one Creeper item, guaranteed.
The collaboration with "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" runs from April 8th (Tuesday) to April 16th (Wednesday).

Next week, we will be hosting the "Castle Crashers" collaboration Bounty Hunters event. In this mode, the rewards are equipment items styled on the Blue Knight and Barbarian.
Again, if you have at least one "Castle Crashers" Achievement unlocked on your account, you will get a Barbarian item, guaranteed.
The "Castle Crashers" collaboration event will run from April 17th (Thursday) to April 23rd (Wednesday).

Even if you don't have an unlocked Achievement now, you can and play "Happy Wars" during the event period to get the item.
If you haven't played "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" and "Castle Crashers" yet, this is the best time to try it, unlock an Achievement, and get an item in Happy Wars!

Next, as a token of our gratitude for all Happy Wars players, we are running a free give-away campaign of 60 Happy Tickets to everyone. This is a great opportunity to get free Tickets, which can be used to get free premium gear. Donít forget to log in during the event period to get your gift!
The Happy Tickets give-away campaign runs from April 8th (Tuesday) to April 16th (Wednesday).

Main title update content:

- Support Items added
- Support Items are consumable items that can be used to accelerate the growth of a character. They can be purchased by spending Happy Tickets at the Item Shop.
- Premium Membership added
- Premium Membership grants various bonuses for a period of time.
- Item Evolution added
- When certain items reach level 10, the player can choose to convert that item into a more powerful version. This can be done in the Item Level-Up screen.
- Item Shop updated
- The Item Shop no longer sells Item Sets. Instead, Support Items and Premium Memberships are available in the Item Shop.

About Happy Wars
Happy Wars is a large-scale multiplayer action game that can be enjoyed by up to 30 players in online battle.
6 million and more players all over the world have been playing the game.
Every Xbox LIVE members can download the game for free.
Join with players from around the world in exciting castle siege and magic spell battle action for madcap free-for-all battles in fantasy world settings.
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