Happy Wars to Become a Dating Simulator Happy Love
Company: Toylogic
Toylogic Inc. announced that, starting on April 2nd, "Happy Wars" will change its name to "Happy Love" and switch genres from "Large-scale Multiplayer War Action" to "Dating Simulator Visual Novel".

In addition, on April 1st the official website for the game (https://www.happywars.net/en ) has been renewed accordingly.

"Happy Love" will bring you to the prestigious Private School of Joy, where the recently entered Sakura-chan will try to get the attention of her childhood crush Kumagai-senpai. To do so, she will have an active school life in this free-to-play Dating Simulator.
Will Sakura be able to seize the Big Tower of her Senpai’s heart?

Besides Kumagai-senpai, there is a wide variety of other Senpais with whom you can get close.
By choosing the right dialogues and depending on your equipment, you can increase the Senpais "Intimacy Level" and obtain "Senpai Notice Points".
By consuming "Senpai Notice Points", you can obtain buffs that increase Sakura’s appeal when attached to her equipment. "Cheerleader Skill Up" or "High Heels Length Up Lv 1" are some examples of buffs you may use to deepen your connection with a Senpai.
Let’s live a romantic campus life with many Senpai partners!


The Private School of Joy is a prestigious institution founded to commemorate the peace treaty between the Light Kingdom and the Kingdom of Dark.
Sakura is a student who managed to enter this renowned school, although her intentions are not strictly academic: she wants to be finally noticed by her childhood’s crush, the ridiculously handsome Kumagai.
Her Senpai will graduate in two years. Will she be able to breach the castle of his intimacy? Or will another Senpai backdoor her fortress of solitude first?
This is the only place where the stakes are higher than in war: a School campus!

*** This is an April Fools joke. Today is April 1st. ***

“Happy Wars” is a free-to-play large scale multiplayer online action game.
It started been delivered on Xbox 360 in October 2012 and on Xbox One in April 2015. The game has a record of total twelve million downloads.

Play with comical characters such as Warrior, Mage, and Cleric and enjoy with players from around the world in exciting castle sieges and spell slinging. You can customize characters by leveling up and collecting items that have more than 1000 different kinds of items.
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