HoMM Online Open Beta Kicks Off on June 11th
Recently, TQ Digital has announced the launch of the Open Beta of Heroes of Might and Magic Online (HoMM Online) at 9:00 AM (HKT) on June 11th, in the Asian region.

Since it was first launched on May 7th, HoMM Online has received thousands of players for its Closed Beta test, and countless visitors to the official site. The developer has proudly confirmed that they have identified and resolved many bugs and other gameplay issues to minimize the major game-breaking issues, within this short time. All players that joined us in the grand Open Beta will be generously awarded. An unfortunate downside to this great success, is based on the agreement with Ubisoft, this game will have an IP restriction. This means all connections from outside of the Asian area will be restricted.

Click here to download the Open Beta Client. If you are an Asian area player with a Closed Beta client, it will automatically be upgraded to the Open Beta Client.

Let's all experience this fantasy world of might and magic, this June 11th!

Game Information:
Heroes of Might and Magic Online (HoMM Online) is an MMORPG licensed by UBISOFT and developed by TQ digital. It is an online game that combines the classic elements of HoMM III with the updated graphics of HoMM V to present a unique gameplay. HoMM Online is also a turn based online game that puts the emphasis on strategic planning and tactical skill while allowing players to socialize and create their own stories.

Developer: TQ Digital Entertainment
Genre: Strategy
Category: Free MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Gamesite: homm.91.com

About TQ Digital Entertainment
TQ Digital Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft Inc., is one of the leading developers and publishers of online games. The company's current MMOG titles include: "Conquer Online", "Eudemons Online", "Zero Online" and "The Warlords", all of which have been published both in China and the United States.

Websites: http://us.tqdigital.com/