New UFO: Extraterrestrials Gameplay Video!
Company: Tri Synergy
Upton, MA, April 26th, 2007 – Tri Synergy ( is happy to announce the release of yet another video giving gamers an inside look at what they can expect from the highly anticipated sci-fi strategy smash, UFO: Extraterrestrials.

The latest video available details the intense tactical situations players will face when battling against a well-organized and determined enemy foe. Players will get to see both state-of-the-art human weaponry and adapted alien technology salvaged and modified by scientists to be utilized by the brave soldiers defending Esperanza.

UFO: Extraterrestrials is a futuristic real-time/turn-based strategy blend set on the fictional planet of Esperanza in 2025. Having made a bloody first contact with a strange form of life from another planet, the player is thrust into the tough position of leading the defense of this isolated planet against the never-ending assault of these hostile invaders. To accomplish this, the player will have at their disposal squads of soldiers, light and heavy support combat vehicles, robots and air units located in bases throughout the Esperanza.

Only through controlling the skies with intense real-time fighter-to-fighter combat and utilizing tactical-level factors like terrain and cover will the player win fierce battles and, eventually, the war against the immutable malevolence that is this alien onslaught!

Get more information on UFO: Extraterrestrials from the official Tri Synergy webpage and be sure to check out the six brand new screenshots just made available as well! UFO: Extraterrestrials will be available for digital download from Matrix Games ( and as a boxed retail copy from Tri Synergy in the first week of May.
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