Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting Has Gone Gold!
Company: Tri Synergy
Sharon, MA, February 9th, 2012 – Tri Synergy, Inc. ( and Viperante Creative Media ( are thrilled to announce that Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting has gone gold and is available for digital download!

Above the small and peaceful town of Deacon Oaks sits a picturesque country estate. Cold Winter Farm has had no violent history, and no secrets to hide. No one has died there, and nobody has suffered there. Nothing bad has ever happened there at all.

That’s what people believe, that’s what they’ll tell you. But you should never believe everything you’re told!

Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting is a dark, shocking, and fear-charged mystery horror game that puts the players in shoes of Sheriff Alex Truman as he attempts to piece together the origins of a disturbed and unidentified car crash survivor.

Set entirely underneath the idyllic country farmhouse of Cold Winter Farm, in the deserted and claustrophobic confines of a mysterious and secret underground complex, players will explore a place nobody knew existed. It is here players will uncover a twisted past that gets more and more terrifying with every corner turned, every door opened, and every note read.

What happened beneath Cold Winter Farm? What does it have to do with the stranger that survived that horrible car crash, to sit and mutter the farm’s name over and over? And if the place is supposed to be deserted, what do you keep seeing out of the corner of your eye?

Backed by atmospheric pre-rendered 3D scenes and a chilling yet beautiful score, Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting weaves a tangled and brutal tale of love, revenge, jealousy, and bitter rivalry to create a horror experience that will bring new meaning to the concepts of hope and trust, and leave you questioning what you know, is really what you know!

Key Features:
· Detailed storyline and characters
· Puzzles integrated into the narrative
· First-person slideshow-style interface
· 1024 x 768 screen resolution
· Atmospheric 3D scenes
· Chilling and emotive original score

Get more information on Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting from Tri Synergy’s product page. Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting is available for digital download at &, where a free trial version can also be found.

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