MINI Cooper goes Handheld
New York, NY, and Miami, FL --- The unique collaboration between MINI USA, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, SMUGGLER and TRICYCLE NYC will launch early 2006 with an initial mobile entertainment property, Freestyle MINI, on Sprint, one of the nation’s leading providers of wireless communications.

Freestyle MINI is a mobile game that puts motoring in the palm of your hand. The expansive world of Freestyle USA simulates the pulse of a city. Freestyle MINI’s interactive map and sandbox style narrative set this game in a league of its own.

Freestyle MINI will be one of the first mobile interactive game series with episodic releases that evolve & extend the immersive storyline of the game. Freestyle MINI features a unique dashboard that is your lifeline to the game and acts as your interface with the world. Players need to keep their speedometer, karma meter, health meter and cruise control in constant equilibrium to optimize performance.

Completing the unique MINI Master Challenges and winning races racks up cash for modifications and enhancements for your MINI. Successfully completing Be the Bigger Car missions like jump starting and picking up passengers boosts your karma. Players can initiate Challenges by unlocking the local MINI Masters. Be on the lookout for Monty, Bulldog, DJ Twist and Dice. If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these guys cruising the streets, see if you can complete their challenges and become a MINI Master yourself.

Within Freestyle USA there is a notorious Racing Club featuring various challengers. Here the player can initiate race challenges or accept them from other motorists. Beware though; the races are never the same so make sure you get to know the city and scope out all the shortcuts.

Be the Bigger Car Missions have a positive effect on the world. As you continue to explore Freestyle USA, you run into people in need of your help. Pick up Passengers and jump start your friends. Helping these people out will jump start your karma meter and make your motoring easier.

Through the Tune-Up and Custom Body Shops, players will be able to spend that hard-earned race cash to enhance and customize their MINI’s. Find hidden merchants that sell unique upgrades, view your modifications in your home garage.

Think you’ve got the best motoring skills around? Check your status online and see where you place in world ranking.


About Agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Crispin Porter + Bogusky is perhaps best known for their work with Burger King, as creators of the ‘truth’ anti-tobacco campaign and for their successful launch of the BMW MINI. Based in Miami, CP+B’s clients include Volkswagen, Google, Coca Cola, Virgin Atlantic Airways, the Gap and Method.
CP+B has the unprecedented distinction of winning the Grand Prix at the Cannes International Advertising festival, in three separate categories, Media, Cyber and the coveted Film category. In 2004 CP+B was named the world’s most awarded agency with wins that in addition to the Grand Prix at Cannes included the O’Toole award for overall creative excellence from the American Association of Advertising Agencies, as well as the grand prizes at the CLIOS, EFFIES, Kelly’s, OBIES, APG awards and the One Show. The agency and its work has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Fast Company, Time, Newsweek, Advertising Age, Creativity and Archive. CP+B was named 2005 “Agency of the Year” by Adweek, Shoot and Creativity Magazine.

About Publisher TRICYCLE NYC
Mobile Entertainment Publisher TRICYCLE NYC is a partnership to create next generation mobile entertainment with a focus on branding and integrated marketing. TRICYLE NYC is committed to creating high quality, innovative and technically superior games and applications with a focus on culturally relevant programming.

About Production Company SMUGGLER
SMUGGLER is a bi-coastal entertainment, commercial and music video production company. At the core it stands for creative originality, taste, integrity, high production values and aggressive career management. Executive producers Patrick Milling Smith and Brian Carmody.
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