Monster Bowl - Open Beta Announced
Company: Trilosoft
Gothenburg, Sweden, April 19, 2005. Today the Swedish game developer Trilosoft announced the next phase of Monster Bowl testing. The online game now moves from closed to open beta and we are welcoming all players to the game. In development since June 2004, Monster Bowl is one of the most technically advanced browser based games around. To sign up for an account please visit

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About Monster Bowl

Monster Bowl is a browser based action-packed fantasy sports game set in Gandûr, a world created by Trilosoft. Monster Bowl offers a unique gaming experience as you lead your team to victory or defeat in the savage game of Battle Ball. Play as one of four different races; Elves, Humans, Orcs or Skeletons and compete against other users for the title of Monster Bowl Champion.

Utilizing a brand new java game engine Monster Bowl gives the player visual feedback rarely seen in browser based games. Prepare your team by recruiting experienced players on the open market. Choose your players’ training program and decide their skill when they level up. Set your tactic in the graphical easy-to-use tactic editor before playing against old and new friends from all over the world.
Make important economical decisions and decide which building to construct or expand.
This and much more decide if you will make it to the top of the massive Monster Bowl league.

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About Trilosoft
Trilosoft HB was formed in 2004 and is located in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden.
Trilosoft is active in developing and marketing online gaming concepts for the modern gamer. Trilosoft's focus is on the growing market of massive multiplayer browser based games and we are working towards expanding the experience for players of such games. In order to bring new content and features to our games we use modern development and project technologies. Trilosoft has skill and understanding in using Delphi, PHP, Java, C++ and databases such as MySQL to make our visions come true. We cooperate with highly skilled graphical designers to make our games not only superb in technology and quality but also make them look and feel like a product and service of the twenty-first century.
Trilosoft's strengths are its highly skilled and motivated people and the benefit of being a small company for flexibility and speed in responding to the market and our customers.
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