Trinigy: Vision Game Engine 5.0 Sets Standards
Company: Trinigy
Eningen/Germany, October 18th, 2005: Trinigy GmbH, a market-leading company in the sector of 3D Game Engines, today announced the availability of version 5.0 of the Vision Game Engine.

The new Vision SDK provides a compelling set of entirely new features. Among them is a highly realistic lighting system which allows for physically correct illumination of static and dynamic objects, taking into account both radiosity (indirect illumination) and normal maps. Furthermore, this feature – called Radiosity Bump Mapping – allows for a virtually arbitrary number of light sources even in complex environments without compromising rendering performance.

Another significant new feature in the new Vision SDK is Trinigy’s “What you see is what you get” editor called vForge. It allows designers to edit both game content and graphics dynamically in the running game, thus getting immediate feedback about any modification they have made. This way, Vision licensees can significantly cut down their development time and cost. Additionally, vForge is designed to be easily extensible, and allows adaptations to specific customer demands or game requirements within extremely short time.

In addition to a wide variety of minor additions, improvements and optimizations to the Vision SDK, Trinigy has been working hard on the new Xbox360 version of the Vision technology. The corresponding Vision Xbox360-SDK will be made available on the 31st of October.

Trinigy plans to further increase its market share in Europe, Asia and the US with the new engine release and the Xbox360 version of the Vision SDK. At the moment, more than thirty-five game projects are already based on the Vision technology, with the portfolio ranging from first-person shooters over strategy games to massively multiplayer online games. Screenshots of current Vision-based projects can be found on the Trinigy homepage (

Trinigy GmbH
Trinigy is a German-based, internationally oriented company focusing on the development of advanced 3D graphics technology and applications. Trinigy provides cutting-edge technology, stable software and reliable consultant services for customers in multiple countries all over the world.

Vision Game Engine
Trinigy’s cutting-edge Vision 3D game engine is used in numerous professional game titles, helping licensees on three continents to bring more immersive graphics onto the screen while at the same time drastically reducing development time and effort. Well-known developers in the US, Europe,
and Asia are relying on the Vision engine for their current and next-generation game titles, which range from first person shooters over strategy titles to massively multiplayer online games.
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