Ghost in the Sheet Demo Now Available!
Company: Trinigy
Sharon, MA, January 8th, 2008 – Tri Synergy, Inc. ( and CBE ( are excited to announce that a free playable demo for Ghost in the Sheet is now available for download from the Tri Synergy website. Now supernatural sleuths can put their paranormal skills to the test before taking the full plunge into the afterlife with the retail version of Ghost in the Sheet.

Ghost in the Sheet is a point’n’click adventure game based upon a highly original story about a ghost who finds out that the Afterlife is not nearly as fun or relaxing as it sounds. Having met your new and rather unpleasant astral boss, you embark on an adventure to an abandoned factory with the goal of finding out what happened there. This dark and winding factory called “Sector Omega” is filled with other undead with whom you can talk and gather details as you slowly come upon the ultimate truth as to why “Sector Omega” fell into an abandoned darkness...

Features of Ghost in the Sheet include:

° High resolution graphics with detailed animations to immerse the player
° Gripping storyline garnished with black comedy ‘afterlife’ style
° A RPG-like skill learning system – as the player progresses through the game, he learns new paranormal skills which are vital for future adventures
° Skills range from the conventional paranormal Telekinesis to obscure skills like Scary Sound
° Nonlinear gameplay that allows the player to freely roam the factory while solving a variety of puzzles in any order
° No dying, mazes, slider puzzles, or timed sequences that can needlessly frustrate

Ghost in the Sheet is available at GameStop, Circuit City, MicroCenter, Frys, & other fine retailers nationwide.

Get more information on Ghost in the Sheet from Tri Synergy’s webpage and be sure to check out the new screenshots below!

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