End of Nations™ Reveals Liberation Front Faction Trailer
Trion Worlds today released the latest gameplay trailer for massive real-time strategy game, End of Nations™, the upcoming high-octane online free-to-play PC title slated to enter closed beta soon. The new trailer highlights the heroic Liberation Front, one of two playable factions in the fast-paced strategy title.

The Liberation Front, whose core values are truth, freedom, and justice is comprised of two distinct classes that help players shape their role in the massive battle for global domination. The first is the heavy-hitting Spartan Class, which specializes in weighty vehicles such as tanks and other infantry units with high defenses and high damage output. The second is the Patriot Class whose specialty is multi-role support units with excellent support mechanics and recovery powers.

The Liberation Front preview trailer highlights some of the key units players can select and customize when building their company before joining the battle.

End of Nations’ fans should also check out the all-new www.EndofNations.com to register for Beta events and get detailed information about the game including unit reveals, tactical structure information, commander abilities, faction details, class overviews, and more! www.endofnations.com/beta.


About End of Nations
Fight a persistent global war of unprecedented scale in End of Nations, the revolutionary massive online strategy game from Trion Worlds and Petroglyph Games . End of Nations is a groundbreaking new online game where you fight monumental battles online for global control of a massive persistent world. Join allies from around the world to bring down the oppressive Order of Nations, or take on the opposing faction in epic battles of over 50 players, where one Commander can impact the ongoing conflict and every victory matters. As your skills and tactical experience grow, you will earn and unlock new units, abilities and super weapons to build and customize your ultimate army. Gather your forces, plan your attack, and lead the way to true global domination. http://www.endofnations.com
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