Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Update Pack from MinionWorkz
25 January 2008, Roswell, GA

Tripwire Interactive is pleased to present a free Update Pack for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, created entirely by the MinionWorkz team and available from today. The MinionWorkz team are already well know in the Red Orchestra community for their high-quality and innovative add-ons for the game.

The pack includes new operable vehicles and working anti-guns for both sides. The Allies get the KV-1B heavy tank, plus the immense KV-2, with an insane 152mm howitzer as a main gun! They have brought back an old favorite in the Zis truck, as well as introducing the Zis-3 76mm anti-tank gun. The Zis truck carries passengers and they have also updated the T-34 to carry riders as well. The Axis get the Stug IIIB, for a nice early-war variant, plus the 75mm anti-tank gun mounted on the Sdkfz 251-22 halftrack. Fast, mobile AND deadly. For more killing power, the Axis get the Pak-40 and Pak-43 anti-tank guns, while the Pz IV F1 gets the availability of smoke rounds.

The vehicles also come with a whole new set of skins, covering a wealth of camo schemes, from basic summer greens, through the various German green/red camo systems and also on to more winter skins for the vehicles and guns. We will not list all the new skins here, as we lost count at around 30 new ones! You will just have to take a look for yourself!

On top of the additional vehicles, the team has updated the whole objective system for new Gametypes. This brings in mobile Objectives, along with Search-and-Destroy, Mission-based and Breakthrough Gametypes for players and mappers to enjoy. The Tripwire team is really excited about these new additions to the game. The combination of new vehicles, more working anti-tank guns plus the new Gametypes open up whole new areas of as-yet untapped gameplay: we really want to see what people make of them, as well as what the mapping community can make with them!

To showcase the new features, there are 2 entirely new maps and updates to 3 earlier maps. The new maps are Klin, plus Roadblock, featuring the shocking moment in 1941 when the Germans first met the giant KV-2 heavy tank. In real life, it took them nearly two whole days to get round that one tank – the map will let the players find their own way to deal with the brute! The old favorites, Berezina, Elnya and Tractor Works all get an overhaul, with the new gametypes, vehicles and weaponry featured too.

Our congratulations to the MinionWorkz team for a great job!
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