True Games interactive'S Warrior Epic Prepaid Cards Now available at Retail
Irvine, Calif.-October 5, 2009 - Global online game publisher, True Games Interactive ( announced today that digital currency cards for its MMORPG, Warrior Epic ( are now available in leading national retail stores throughout North America. Through an exclusive partnership with GMG Entertainment, a leading publisher of digital currency cards nationwide, the new cards are available in a $25 denomination which is 20,000 in-game gold. Each card comes with a bonus of 20 Double XP Potions.

"The Warrior Epic prepaid card gives our community yet another safe and convenient option for making micro-transactions," said Jeff Lujan, Founder and CEO of True Games Interactive. "With a long-term partnership in place with GMG Entertainment for Warrior Epic and Mytheon, we're looking forward to extending the accessibility of both games and providing a quality online micro-transaction service for our fans."

True Games launched its first online game, Warrior Epic, in spring of 2009 and is preparing to launch Mytheon, an action, strategy online game with a heavy emphasis on RPG-gameplay, collectability and combat, in early 2010. Mytheon is being developed by world-renowned developer, Petroglyph. Upon Mytheon's release in early 2010, the prepaid cards will also be available through GMG, the exclusive provider of pre-paid digital currency cards for all of True Games' titles.

"Warrior Epic is fast-becoming one of the MMO universe's most exciting new entrants, and True Games a terrific new GMG partner. By delivering a premium micro-transaction experience to accompany its games, True Games is delivering its community a significant, safe and effective way to take gameplay to another level," said Rob Goldberg, CEO and Founder, GMG Entertainment.
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