True Games Releases New Screen Shots for Mytheon™
Irvine, Calif.-October 14, 2009 - Global online game publisher, True Games Interactive (, with its partner PetroglyphT, announced today the release of five new screen shots for its highly-anticipated, online multiplayer action-role-playing game, Mytheon(tm) (

The new screen shots depict some of the larger-than-life characters and mythological creatures in the game. Included is one of Hephaestus' minions, the Behemoth, who is ready and willing to take down any mortal who dares to invade the War Forge. Fools wandering the Stygian Abyss looking for the entrance to Hades will run into vile creatures that stand in their way such as the Gorgon. Also highlighted are some of the incredible environments to be found in the game, such as the Boat Launch to Colchis where those looking for trouble will surely
find it when they arrive.

Developed by Petroglyph, Mytheon offers a unique online game play experience that combines the best elements of the Action-RPG genre with strategic combat and collectability. Players will challenge legendary mythological gods by wielding potent and unique "Power Stones" that transform into spells, structures and creatures. Players can loot, forge, buy, sell and trade these stones among a thriving online community, then cast the stones during epic battles that play out in a visually stunning 3D mythological world.

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About True Games Interactive
Based in Orange County, California, True Games Interactive is an international multi-player online game publisher. It was founded by a core team of MMO industry veterans with extensive experience in publishing and operating online games. True Games brings new and innovative development ideas online, delivers them with a state-of-the-art game platform, and leverages micro-transaction revenue models. True Games Released its first game, Warrior Epic, ( in Spring 2009.

They are working with world-class publishers to license existing online titles and world-class developers, including Petroglyph (, to create games exclusively for online play. The company recently announced the creation of its first wholly-owned development studio based in Austin, Texas.

About Petroglyph
Founded in 2003, Petroglyph is an award-winning, independent game development studio located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is composed of industry veterans with a studio-wide average of over ten years in game development. The Petroglyph team specializes in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre, leveraging the experience gained from developing original hit franchises for PC and consoles. Petroglyph uses their proprietary GLYPHX Online game engine, tools and technology to power their next-generation titles. For more information about
Petroglyph, visit

About UTV Software Communications
UTV Software Communications Ltd (UTV) is India's first integrated global media and entertainment company. UTV India & its subsidiaries (UTV) create, aggregate and disseminate content of various genres across varied distribution platforms. Its 5 business verticals include Content Production & Services, Movies, Broadcasting, Interactive Gaming, and New Media.
Listed on India's premier stock exchange, The Stock Exchange, Mumbai in addition to the Motion Pictures Subsidiary, UMP PLC is listed on the AIM London Stock Exchange. UTV is India's only diversified media and entertainment company with content creation abilities across platforms and genres. It has subsidiaries with offices across India, Mauritius, UK, USA and
Japan. Walt Disney holds a strategic stake in UTV.
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