The Great Spring Patch of Nadirim
Company: Twisted Tribe
Budapest, Hungary - March 13, 2012 - Twisted Tribe announced today a major update to their free to play browser game Nadirim.

As of this week, players can hire Djinns, Lions, Girtabs and other epic creatures as companions to aid them in battles against common enemies or fellow adventurers. With each new minion having their own specific skills and attributes, the combatís versatility is on a great new scale.

An additional update to the previous version is the possibility to distribute skill points to enhance your abilities, each of these in two separate directions. To make the present classes even more diverse an array of new items have also been added to the game inventory with which players can further customize their characters.

The magnitude of this new patch can be felt right on the game site where the old, light colored background and smooth atmosphere has been changed to a darker and more intense one with additional improvements made to its structure and overall usability.

For those not familiar with the game, a whole new set of guide videos have been created, describing the basic features of the game and giving helpful information.

To celebrate the new season, other features have also been added to the game, including new Fighting Pits near Ennahar, the Invasion of the Djinns - an in-game event - and two new instances are also on their way.

About Nadirim
Nadirim is a multiplayer game which pioneers the way to a new generation of browser based games by offering a captivating story line, real and mythological enemies, original graphics and music, and a wide array of interaction between the player and environment and other players, all the while fighting against the legions of darkness.

About Twisted Tribe
Twisted Tribe is an emerging game developer and publishing company with a specific focus on online browser games. They are a young, creative team that strives to deliver superior gaming experience within a web browser.

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