Hello Kitty Online Game Coming Soon - a Unique Gaming Experience
Hong Kong. November 2 , 2004 - Typhoon Games (Hong Kong) Ltd. has announced the launch of Hello Kitty Online World in the 4th quarter of 2004 – an online MMORPG that has been yearned for by Hello Kitty fans around the world. In this charming and friendly online world, players can play and communicate with Hello Kitty fans all around Asia.

Hello Kitty always has an irreplaceable place in the hearts of children, teenagers and women around the world. Her story and character designs have been widely adored by many fans since her birth in 1974. After years of research and development, Typhoon Games has cooperated with Sanrio to launch this first-ever online game for Hello Kitty’s supporting fans on her 30th anniversary. Hello Kitty Online World uniquely combined this lovable cartoon character with the role-playing element, so that in the fantasy world consists of three imaginary kingdoms, player can utilize his/her personal skills and culture, to develop the countries and to accomplish the various missions.
The key element that differentiates the Hello Kitty Online World from other MMORPG is that it is a loving and friendly gaming environment as opposed to most violent role-playing games in the market. This is a game that promotes friendship and amicable communication between players. Therefore, tailor-made community services and interactive contents are all important elements in addition to the online game. Whether the player is a fan of Hello Kitty or other Sanrio characters, via this platform, he/she can choose his/her own language to communicate and exchange information and ideas with old and new friends alike.
Aside from the beautiful graphics, the economic system in Hello Kitty Online World adds to the game a special educational value. Players can choose from 15 occupations (including teacher, trader, doctor and actor) and 5 different shops in order to make economic progress in the Hello Kitty World. Each player can choose up to three characters in the game, and give them a unique name, appearance, personality, occupation and nationality. Through different missions and jobs, these characters will continue to raise the capacity of a kingdom, shape its development, and change its fate. Also, players are encouraged to interact with each other and use group tactics in order to accomplish certain missions and survive in the game world longer.

Typhoon Games is inviting players to test-play Hello Kitty Online World Beta. All the beta-players will be able to purchase a monthly play card later to keep his/her game account (along with all the characters information stored in the Beta server) New players will start their adventure on the new server once it is launched.

For more information about the game or and to get a preview of the characters and game, please visit http://www.sanriotown.com/onlinegame/index.php

About Typhoon Games (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Typhoon Games Ltd. is part of the Pan-Asian media company Typhoon Entertainment (Asia) Ltd. a leader in multiple medium entertainment in the region. Typhoon Games specializes in working with developers from Europe and North America to customize and localize prestigious English format games for Asian audiences.
Typhoon Games combines the highest technology with the most loyal communities of users to bring our developers the greatest access to the local sales channels and our gamers the best gaming experience. For more information please go to http://www.typhoongames.com

About Sanrio
SANRIO develops and distributes a unique line of over 12,000 children's gifts, stationery and accessory items. Hello Kitty is the company's flagship character. Mr. Shintaro Tsuji, the President and CEO of Sanrio founded the company in 1960 and his concept was based on the idea of social communication business. Its slogan is "Small Gift, Big Smile". That means a small gift to your friends or even yourself can bring a big and joyous smile. The Sanrio characters are popular and receive great demand not only in Asia, but also in the US and Europe.
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