Typhoon Games Launches Beta of MMORTS Infinity Empire
Hong Kong, February 8th, 2005– Typhoon Games launches the first ever downloadable Beta of the MMO RTS Infinity Empire available on its website http://www.infinityempire.com for release in Asian Territories.

Imagine a world where giant robots and war ships clash for supremacy against hundreds of other planets and Empires in the ultimate battle for land, fame and glory. Where you are the supreme commander of one such Empire managing planets, armies of mechanized robots, war ships and planetary defenses to conquer the Universe against others with similar ambitions in a Massively Multiplayer Online World; this is Infinity Empire.

Game Features

Compete against hundreds of players for control of the Universe
Control Vast amounts of robots and ships in a true detailed Game Environment in real time
Enhanced graphical details in full 3D, including anime-style robotic figures and ships
A large variety of buildings and units that can be constructed
A massive universe with vast amount of units and objects operating at the same time
Advance multiple-view system for examining the vast 3D space which considers not only X and Y, but Z too.
Available to Any type of player and Any type of Computer
A strong emphasis on community and interaction
Simple Tutorials for beginners
High replayability with strong emphasis on friends, allies, and league features online
To learn more about Infinity Empire please visit http://www.infinityempire.com or http://www.typhoongames.com.

About Typhoon Games Ltd
Typhoon Games Ltd. is part of the Pan-Asian media company Typhoon Entertainment (Asia) Ltd. a leader in multiple medium entertainment in the region. Typhoon Games specializes in working with developers from Europe and North America to customize and localize prestigious English format games for Asian audiences.
Typhoon Games combines the highest technology with the most loyal communities of users to bring our developers the greatest access to the local sales channels and our gamers the best gaming experience. For more information please go to http://www.typhoongames.com

About Nicely Crafted Entertainment
Nicely Crafted Entertainment Ltd (NiCE) was formed in 2001 in Cambridge, England to design and develop Massively Multiplayer (MMP) Internet games, providing the player with an experience that will ultimately rival reality. NiCE is incorporated in the UK with development and research facilities in Cambridge, England. NiCE develops technology designed to ultimately allow for hundreds of thousands of players in a persistent world and designs games that leverage that technology to provide an engaging and absorbing real-time entertainment experience over the Internet. For more information please visit www.nicelycrafted.com.
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