Typhoon Games to Distribute Sudeki for PC in Hong Kong and Singapore
(Hong Kong ¡V July 13, 2005) Typhoon Games, premier publisher and developer of interactive software, today revealed plans to distribute the chartbuster Sudeki for the PC in Hong Kong and Singapore beginning August 2005.

Sudeki was originally released for the Xbox last July 20, 2004, and is now ready for the discriminating PC audience. Sudeki pushes the limits of what a role-playing game can be by providing bigger worlds, more powerful heroes, and sexier heroines, all set in the context of fantastical real-time action that will attract even the most jaded RPG fan.

About Sudeki
Four heroes--a sultry wizardress, a soaring gunslinger, a powerful swordsman, and a dark huntress--are about to be hurtled over the edge in a flight into darkness. In a world ripped apart by deceit, Sudeki players become heroes on a twisting path of betrayal, real-time combat, and unbelievable magic.

Sudeki¡¦s combat system keeps the pace fresh and exciting while significant character customization and NPC interaction provide depth. You¡¦ll control four different characters simultaneously, each one armed with special abilities that will put your enemies in a world of hurt. Experience incredible graphics like you¡¦ve never seen before in RPGs. It¡¦s time to play Sudeki the way it should be: on the PC! For more details go to www.typhoongames.com/sudeki

About Typhoon Games
Typhoon Games Ltd. is part of the Pan-Asian media company Typhoon Entertainment (Asia) Ltd., a leader in multiple medium entertainment in the region. Typhoon Games specializes in working with developers from Europe and North America to customize and localize prestigious English format games for Asian audiences.

Typhoon Games combines the highest technology with the most loyal communities of users to bring our developers the greatest access to the local sales channels and our gamers the best gaming experience. For more information please go to: http://www.typhoongames.com
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