The Settlers® Online: Castle Empire Introduces the Science System
Company: Ubisoft
SAN FRANCISCO – June 5, 2013 – Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® will introduce a new “Science System” to the popular browser-based strategy game The Settlers® Online: Castle Empire, that will bring all new upgradable skills and abilities -- along with new buildings and resources -- to the worldwide player base. The Science System will offer players the opportunity to configure the production on their islands and tweak gameplay to fit their own unique styles.

The full Science System will be implemented progressively using player feedback, with the first phase launching for North American players on June 13. To celebrate the release of the Science System, all players who login between May 27th and June 10th will automatically receive an exclusive bonus item June 14th: the “Bookbinding Glue.” North American players can check out The Settlers Online: Castle Empire and play for free in their browser at

The new Science System will introduce seven new buildings, several new production chains and nine new resources. To develop skills, players will have to produce special books as resources (Manuscript, Tome and Codex). The more advanced a skill is, the more sophisticated books it will require. Players will also be able to choose between several specializations, allowing each player to customize, for example, their Specialists, to augment the game to better fit their own unique gameplay style.

An introduction to the Science System guided by one of the developers from Blue Byte can be found here:


Each of the seven new buildings can be upgraded up to five levels, with each version featuring a unique look. Every structure can be constructed by players as often as wanted; only the bookbinder can be built once. The new buildings include:
- Simple Papermill: producing Simple Paper
- Finesmith: producing Nibs
- Intermediate Papermill: producing Intermediate Paper
- Lettersmith: producing Printing Types
- Advanced Papermill: producing Advanced Paper
- Ornamentalsmith: producing Book Fittings
- Bookbinder: producing 3 different kind of books (Manuscript, Tome and Codex)

The Science System will also feature four skill trees, three of which are allocated to each type of specialists (explorers, geologists and generals), and the last one related to the players’ home island. Each skill tree will display all available research that needs to be unlocked progressively by investing respective resources. Players may reset an entire skill tree to try multiple configurations and decide which one works better for their play style.

The first skill tree implemented in the game will deal with the Geologist. Very useful skills can be activated to player’s specialist character which means than each Geologist can be skilled in a different way. From now on players will have the opportunity to name its specialists to distinguish them from others. The remaining three skill trees will follow later this year.

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