Puzzle Pirates Puzzler Mania
Company: Ubisoft
It’s just a few days before this jeweled treasure, Puzzle Pirates shows up on store shelves. Here is a preview of eight out of twelve addicting puzzle games you will want to practice before dueling it out with other pirate lads in this fun community. Puzzle play is an essential of the pirating life in Puzzle Pirates. Pirate players can practice and play a variety of puzzle games inside the world of Puzzle Pirates.

It’s not too late to pre-order a copy. Go to http://puzzlepirates.ubi.com/ today, pre-order Puzzle Pirates and receive a free deck of Puzzle Pirates playing cards. Puzzle Pirates ships for the PC and Mac on May 3rd with an ESRB rating of T (Teen) for use of alcohol.

About Puzzle Pirates: Puzzle Pirates™, the first pirate-themed, massively multiplayer online game where players play fun puzzle games to earn status and prestige. Developed by Three Rings Design, Inc., Puzzle Pirates is playable on PC, Mac® and Linux® with a suggested retail price of $19.99, which includes a free month of playing time, exclusive in-game items, and special single-player, offline versions of the more popular puzzles in the game. After the first free month a monthly subscription fee of $9.95 will apply.


1.Swordfighting: Swordfighting is the noble art of Pirate combat. Clear blades of the same type to strike blows upon your enemy. Swordfights can range from individual challenges to the great battles between Pirate crews that occur at sea during boarding.

2. Drinking: Ahh yes, something every pirate enjoys. Drinking is played about a table in a tavern, or on the deck of any rum-stocked Pirate vessel. It is a social puzzle with a relaxed pace. The last Pirate standing wins!

3. Sailing: Sailing is the key duty puzzle aboard ship. Sailors are responsible for bringing the vessel up to speed by arranging sets of rope, wind and wave. Larger sets and extra chains give the vessel an extra burst of speed, and more Sailors are necessary for larger vessels. Sailing is critical in Sea Battles, allowing the navigator to maneuver.

4. Bilge Pumping: Bilge Pumping is the duty often assigned to new members of a Crew, but no less necessary for that. The Bilge Pumps relieve the groaning vessel of the water in her hull. Pump the watery pieces into rows to clear out water. Even the finest boats are a little leaky, but the Bilge Pump comes into their own during Battle when water pours in through the breaches left by cannon-shot.

5. Carpentry: Carpentry is the notable art of shipwrighting and repair. Patch the hull with swiftly chosen and deftly placed planks. A good carpenter can keep the vessel shipshape at all times, while engaging in emergency repairs during battle as the cannonballs rain.

6. Gunnery: Gunnery is the difficult skill of loading and firing cannon. Marshall the swab, the powder, wad and shot. A mastery of timing and cool composure is needed for this most dangerous art.

7. Distilling: Distilling be the noble brewers art of fermenting the finest rum from raw sugar cane. As an employee of a Distillery one can perform the Distilling Puzzle to brew up rum. So long as ye practice the Puzzling regularly then your Pirate will continue to apply skilled labor in yer absence!

8.Spades: Spades is the classic card-game of the same name! Somewhat less puzzly than most of the Puzzle Pirates’ games, Spades was introduce to give Pirates a fun tavern game to play after a hard days pillaging. Spades is a four player game in which the objective is to work with your partner to collect your bid of trumps from the table.
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