Ubisoft Speeds Ahead on Development of MediaPlanet and TrackMania2 Canyon
Company: Ubisoft
Paris, France – April 26, 2011 – Today, Ubisoft announced that TrackMania2 Canyon, the sequel to the hit racing game TrackMania, will be available as a closed beta beginning in July. The TrackMania2 Canyon closed beta also will mark the beginning of ManiaPlanet, a new networked gaming system for PCs that provides easy-to-use tools for community-based game creation and participation.

After Nadeo released TrackMania in 2003, the game and its extensions grew to become an online phenomenon, attracting more than nine million players who in turn created hundreds of thousands of customized racetracks, thousands of videos, and hundreds of 3D car models. Nadeo has improved upon that foundation with TrackMania2 Canyon, delivering tremendous advances in graphic quality, racing realism and network infrastructure while maintaining the intuitive gameplay, captivating racing modes and familiar community tools that make the TrackMania series unique.

“TrackMania always has been about delivering the purest, simplest and most enjoyable form of racing, and combining it with the creativity and talent of our online community,” said Stephanie Perotti, worldwide online director at Ubisoft. “With TrackMania2 Canyon, we’re giving players a more modern, realistic and visually stunning racing experience that they can build upon and personalize in ways that simply aren’t possible with other racing games.”

TrackMania² Canyon will be the first game released on ManiaPlanet, a system offering customers an unparalleled networked gaming experience. ManiaPlanet includes the creative instruments already familiar to the TrackMania community – such as the map editor, the players’ creations explorer and the ranking and match-making systems – and extends them into other popular gaming genres, including the first-person shooter and the role-playing game. As part of ManiaPlanet, these tools also will become more interactive and easier to access, resulting in greater game depth and diversity for players.

In addition to TrackMania2 Canyon, a closed beta of ShootMania, ManiaPlanet’s FPS, will be available in the coming months. QuestMania, an RPG, also will be available via closed beta at a later date. The result will be a single ManiaPlanet community where players are free to engage with any of the three games however they choose, whether by creating and communicating, organizing and cooperating, competing, or simply playing for fun.

“ManiaPlanet is about putting players at the center of the gaming experience,” said Perotti. “With TrackMania, ShootMania and QuestMania, we’re offering approachable, fun and first-rate online titles. More importantly, these games are powered by the players and their limitless imaginations and creativity.”

More information about ManiaPlanet, TrackMania, ShootMania and QuestMania can be found here: www.maniaplanet.com

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