Ubisoft® Announces Anno 2070™ Deep Ocean
Company: Ubisoft
London, UK – April 23, 2012 – Today, Ubisoft announced Anno 2070 Deep Ocean, the add-on for the acclaimed real-time strategy game, which was released at the end of 2011 for PCs. Anno 2070 Deep Ocean will take the signature gameplay mechanics of Anno 2070 deeper underwater this Autumn 2012.

Key features of ANNO 2070 Deep Ocean:

- New civilization level
For the first time in the history of the Anno series an add-on brings a new civilization level: the Tech faction is expanded by the Genius population class.

- A deeper game experience
The new population class grants access to the new Tech Monument, new corresponding production chains and consumption goods. Furthermore this new class features new vehicles and new items allowing players to develop industries, strengthen economies and exploit new resources.

- Additional content and challenges
Players will also be able to:
· Acquire enemy territories without using military force through the “Hostile Takeover” feature
· Resolve energy problems by building the new underwater geothermal power plant
· Optimize energy supply through “Energy transfer” between islands
· Face a new dangerous disaster: The Tsunami
· Unlock new rewards for each faction’s career ladder
· Take advantage of new underwater trading routes
· Experience over 150 new challenging quests
· Unlock over 30 new achievements
· Access to player comparison via new leaderboards

For more information on Anno 2070, please visit http://anno.ubi.com

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