UFO Interactive Releases Epic Dungeon Crawler, Elminage Original on PSP (PlayStation®Portable)
Pomona, Calif. - November 20, 2012 - UFO Interactive Games, Inc., a publisher of interactive entertainment, is pleased to announce that Elminage Original, the epic dungeon crawler developed by Starfish LLC, is now available on the North American PlayStation®Store for PSP (PlayStation®Portable).

Previously unreleased outside of Japan, Elminage Original entails a quest to obtain six legendary rings said to embody the strength and power of the gods. In a desperate grasp for power, a group of dark priestesses have attempted to shatter the rings' creation-the world's last protective barrier against the forces of darkness. Five of the six rings have scattered themselves across the globe as a final act of defiance, and in hopes to prevent further damage to the magical bulwark. But as the barrier fades and weakens, evil creatures have begun to seep through and threaten the once-peaceful world. However, word has spread of a prophecy foretelling a monumental reward for whoever can reunite the rings and restore the barrier once again...

In effort to purge the land of Halodra Ille from this evil, players will lead their party members down into the cold blackness of dungeons, through slimy bogs, around crumbling towers of ancient ruins, and across forests where the naked and wiry branches of dead trees are so thick that they block out the sky above. With stunning hand drawn artwork, and boasting 12 races and 16 customizable characters to choose from, players will engage in classic turn-based RPG combat against swarms of vile monsters and twisted beasts so gigantic that they fill the entire screen! Steel and magic will only take players so far; they must also put faith in their ability to navigate through labyrinthine maps! Only those who know how to fuse their keen sense of direction with their strategic battle plans will come out alive.

This holiday season we will all have something to be thankful for, but those who are brave enough to venture into the world of Halodra Ille will find themselves thankful should they ever see the light of day again.


* Explore and purge evil from 12 unique dungeons

* Beautiful hand drawn artwork done in a traditional dungeon crawler style

* Learn and cast over 150 spells and skills

* 200 monsters, beasts, and dragons to slay

* Over 575 items to obtain and aid travelers throughout their dangerous journey

A gameplay trailer for Elminage Original can be viewed on the UFO Interactive YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OpOuSUSB-Q.

Elminage Original is now available on the PlayStation®Network on PlayStation®Portable for $14.99.

For more information on Elminage Original, navigate your custom party over to the official site at www.ufointeractivegames.com, follow them on Twitter @UFO_Interactive, and like them on Facebook.*

*UFO Interactive Games cannot grant you immunity or guarantee your safety from any random encounters that you may run into along the way.

About UFO Interactive Games:
Based in Pomona, CA, UFO Interactive Games is a third party licensee of Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Microsoft, whose function is in development of original, mass-market gaming software. UFO Interactive Games is distributed exclusively by Tommo, Inc. For more information, please visit www.ufointeractivegames.com.

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