UFO Interactive Unleashes Scourge: Outbreak this Summer
Torrence, Calif. - May 22, 2013 - UFO Interactive Games, in partnership with Tragnarion Studios today announced the upcoming worldwide release of Scourge: Outbreak as an arcade game on Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network from Microsoft on July 3, 2013.
A raw and gritty, futuristic squad-based third-person shooter (TPS) built with Unreal Engine 3, Scourge: Outbreak pits the veteran mercenaries of Echo Squad, against their sworn enemies, the Nogari Corporation, in a desperate mission to rescue a double agent hidden behind enemy lines and to recover a mysterious meteorite fragment from Nogari's possession. Convinced that Nogari's 'Ambrosia Fuel Technology' is connected with deadly plagues that threaten to ravage the world, this may be Echo Squad's last and only shot at bringing the Nogari threat to its knees once and for all.

Scourge: Outbreak marks the Xbox LIVE debut of a massively overhauled and vastly improved version of The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 & 2, originally released for Windows® PC in April 2010. With a host of new features and enhancements based on community feedback, including new and re-vamped gameplay, a stronger and more prominent story narrative, smarter AI, more gratifying gunplay, powerful new XP Perks, a much more detailed and vibrant world, and a long list of other exciting changes, the differences between TSP and Scourge: Outbreak are phenomenal!

Click, and release the Outbreak!

"Scourge: Outbreak looks better, plays better, and is far more fun than The Scourge Project ever was," said Ake Mora Temnerud, Studio Director of Tragnarion Studios. "It's a game that our small, humble team is immensely proud of, and we think that once players get into the game, they are really going to enjoy all of the newly-added content and features we've added."

Scourge: Outbreak Key Features:

Up to 4-Player Co-op Campaign with 6+ hours of gameplay
4 Playable Characters, each with different weapon handling stats and a distinct combination of Special Abilities
Unique character-specific flashbacks that reveal critical past events, and shed a new light on the game's story
XP system to track your experience and unlock powerful gameplay rewards in Campaign AND Multiplayer
Squad AI for groups with less than 4 Players
Quick-Order-System (QOS) for rapid deployment of squad-members
9 Weapons, plus multiple variants of each to suit your style of play
Up to 8 Players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag multiplayer Versus modes in 5 action-packed maps!
Leaderboards for competing with friends and other Players around the world!
Challenging Achievements to unlock

A teaser trailer for Scourge: Outbreak is now available on the official UFO Interactive Games YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/gfrJ4wvRQRE

This summer, team up with some squad mates and prepare to blast holes through Nogari forces. Help reveal Echo Squad's shrouded past and uncover the truth before the truth catches up to them. Featuring full 4-player co-op support throughout the entire 6+ hour campaign, as well as intense close-quarters PvP modes for up to 8 players, Scourge: Outbreak promises to be a must-have title for Xbox LIVE Arcade fans worldwide.

Scourge: Outbreak will be available on Xbox LIVE July 3, 2013 worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points. For more information on Scourge: Outbreak please visit the official site at www.scourgeoutbreak.com.

About UFO Interactive Games:
Based in Pomona, CA, UFO Interactive Games is a third party licensee of Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Microsoft, whose function is in development of original, mass-market gaming software. For more information, please visit www.ufointeractivegames.com.

About Tragnarion Studios:
A small team of game developers based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Tragnarion Studios develops games for most major gaming consoles, Steam, PC, and Mac. The Tragnarion team looks forward to exploring new horizons and developing countless more awesome titles to share with gamers from around the globe. For more information on Tragnarion Studios, and their upcoming release, Scourge: Outbreak, please visit www.tragnarion.com.

About Unreal Engine 3
Unreal Engine 3 is a complete game development framework for PCs, Xbox 360®, iOS, and PlayStation® 3, providing a vast array of core technologies, content creation tools, and support infrastructure content.