Ponycorns Developer Launches Spellirium Pre-Order Campaign
Toronto Canada - 10th April - 2013 - Untold Entertainment Inc., the developer behind the viral hit Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure (co-created by a five-year-old girl), today announced the pre-order campaign for Spellirium. The title is a downloadable game for Mac and PC scheduled to release later this year.

Spellirium is a word puzzle/point n' click graphic adventure game mash-up, in the spirit of Puzzle Quest. Players spell words to solve challenges and to win battles against creatures using the SpellCaster, a 7x7 grid of letter tiles that can impact reality with the words it spells. To shear a sheep, players must spell words synonymous with cutting (SHEAR, TRIM, CHOP, BUZZ, DENUDE). To dye the resulting wool, they must build words using only the red tiles in the grid. To spin the wool into yarn, they must build words across, down, back and up in a circular motion to turn the spinning wheel. Creature combat is equally clever and varied: one monster can only be defeated by spelling palindromes (KAYAK, MOM, EWE), and another big-eared creature can only be damaged by spelling onomatopoeia (CRASH, BANG, BOOM).

While the ever-changing gameplay in Spellirium will keep players on their toes, the engaging story will glue them to the experience. In a devastated "trashpunk" world where reading and writing are outlawed, secretly literate Todd sets out on a mission to uncover the truth about a death in the family. He is joined by a shaggy blue monster, a hardened hunter, and an obnoxious bard (is there any other kind?) Packed with unexpected turns, Spellirium explores the implications of myth, and the realization that we are all background characters in the lives of others. The story is conveyed through a third-person point n' click graphic adventure game format, a la The Secret of Monkey Island.

"Spellirium is a chance for our small, plucky studio to bring thirteen years of game development experience to bear on a project that gives players something they haven't seen before. It's a narrative game that rewards players for their thoughtfulness and intelligence, rather than just their reflexes or button-pushing abilities," said Ryan Henson Creighton, outspoken president and founder of Untold Entertainment. "Spellirium has been five long years in the making, and we're excited to finally get the alpha build out to a broad and enthusiastic audience of word nerds."

Pre-order customers immediately receive the alpha version of Spellirium, which is about two-thirds complete. Audio is noticeably absent from the alpha, and Creighton hopes the "kickENDER" campaign will enable the studio to fill in the gaps and release the game. "We decided to eschew more popular and well-known approaches to crowdfunding like Kickstarter and IndieGogo for an entirely independent campaign run from the Spellirium website." The company's five reasons for going it alone are detailed in the campaign FAQ.

The pre-order campaign is also fairly unique in that it offers no physical rewards to backers. The most popular of its strictly digital goodies is the Reserve a Word tier, which allows players to claim a word in the collectible Spellirium Dictionaryfor their own - for example, "SEXY is brought to you by [your name here]." The company expects burgeoning voice actors to be intrigued by the tier that invites them to voice a character in the final game.

Spellirium was partially funded by the Ontario government, and has suffered an unusually rocky five year development, during which nearly the entire creative team turned over. The project is back on track in a big way, and represents high hopes for Untold Entertainment.

About Untold Entertainment
Untold Entertainment is a boutique game development studio in Toronto Canada, specializing in web and mobile games supporting broadcast kids' teevee shows. The company had a break-out hit with Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, a game co-created by 5-year-old Cassandra Creighton who, in October 2012, became one of the youngest ever TEDx speakers at age 6. Untold hopes that with Spellirium, the company will transition from a service company to a product company, with exciting game IP in development that includes Putty Crime, a mobile puzzle game sculpted with clay, and Panda, an adventure game lampooning Creighton's blue collar home town.

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