Vivendi Universal Games Announces Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Available at Retail
Company: V.U.G.
LOS ANGELES, CA - (March 17, 2005) – Vivendi Universal Games today announced that Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is now available at retailers nationwide. Developed by Mithis Entertainment and published by HD Interactive BV, Nexus – The Jupiter Incident is a real-time mission-based tactical space game featuring spectacular real-time battles with breathtaking motion picture quality. Players will focus on tactics and action as they control up to 10 battleships encountering aliens, unknown solar systems and other phenomena in the struggle to save Earth.

Since its European release the Nexus community has produced a number of mods with the games’ tool kit. Gamers can visit to get an updated and complete list of available mods. The full mod kit is provided with the game and contains the tools and documentation related to ship modelling: a Nexus model viewer, a couple of sample models from the game, and a doc file describing the modelling guidelines and the usage of the model viewer.

“Nexus is the sci-fi game that captures the essence of perfection, with outstanding graphics, sound and game play and is a true out-of-this-world experience,” said Philip W. O’Neil, President of North America, Vivendi Universal Games. “We are very excited that Nexus has received numerous outstanding review scores.”

At the dawn of the 22nd century, the conquest of space and the colonization of the solar system are being monopolized by several huge and ambitious mega corporations. Although extremely delicate and vulnerable, equilibrium is maintained by these companies. It has now been 60 years since the terrible catastrophe that befell Noah’s Ark, the first colony ship of mankind.

At the very edge of the solar system the companies make a discovery which will shift the technological advantage and upset the balance. And so a new conflict is born: “The Jupiter Incident”. Players will step into the shoes of Marcus Cromwell, a young but already famous captain and his legendary spaceship Stiletto and find themselves in the middle of this conflict.

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident has been rated “T” by the ESRB and carries a suggested retail price of $49.99. More information on the game can be found at

About Mithis
Mithis is a computer- and video game developer situated in the heart of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Our focus is superb gameplay and graphic excellence. As avid gamers, we build the kind of games we enjoy playing: games that are visually engaging and enjoyable with high-level, intense playability. We remain dedicated to pushing ahead the level of quality in electronic gaming.

About HD Interactive
Established in 1995 and based in Amsterdam, HD Interactive is the largest independent Dutch publisher of high-quality games for PC and consoles with a string of successful titles to its credit. Within a nine year period it has progressed from being a local distributor in the Benelux territories to its present standing as a worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment products.

About Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games)
Vivendi Universal Games ( is a global developer, publisher and distributor of multi-platform interactive entertainment. The company is a leader in the subscription-based massively multi-player online (MMO) games category, and also holds leading positions in the PC, console and handheld games markets. Its development studios and publishing labels include Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment and Massive Entertainment. VU Games’ library of over 700 titles features owned intellectual properties including Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft from Blizzard; Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, Empire Earth, Leisure Suit Larry, Ground Control and Tribes. VU Games also maintains strategic relationships with industry leading content partners, including NBC Universal and Twentieth Century Fox.
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