Marriage of Mayhem: Classic Crash and Spyro Games Doubleteam the Gameboy advance
Company: V.U.G.
A triple helping of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon Super Packs for Gameboy Advance launching from July 2005
READING – Vivendi Universal Games today announced that it will be bringing two of the most popular characters in videogame history, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, together on one Gameboy Advance cartridge in a series of three high value Super Packs. The packs, each providing a delicious slice of classic gaming action, will feature two hit titles for the price of one. Super Pack Volumes One and Two will be hitting the shelves towards the end of July followed by Volume Three later in 2005

Volume One features Crash N-Tranced, the wacky bandicoot's second outing on the GBA, packed with crazy minigames and fast paced platforming action. The title's multiplayer capability sent Crash's popularity soaring as his brand of mute mischief hit playgrounds the world over. Rounding off Super Pack Volume 1 is the critically acclaimed Spyro: Season of Ice, hailed by top videogames website as "one of the best platform games ever created for any system".

The adventures continue with Super Pack Volume 2 and show no sign of slowing down as Crash takes to the tarmac in Crash Nitro Kart... Bandicoots and bad guys start your engines! Spyro's heroic exploits continue in Spyro: Season of Flame and he's not facing the fight alone. Sheila the Kangaroo and primate super spy Agent 9 join the cast as the daring dragon's story takes a new twisting turn into the unknown.

As if all that classic gaming action wasn't enough, the third Super Pack featuring the innovative "Fusion" titles will round of the series with a bang. Crash Fusion sees our hero saving the day on his friend Spyro's turf, dishing out justice to his enemies... Bandicoot style. Spyro Fusion set the heroic dragon against Crash's arch nemesis Dr. Cortex deep in the jungle, teaming up with his Bandicoot buddy to save the universe from the clutches of evil.

"The titles included in the GBA Super Packs really demonstrate why Crash and Spyro have become two of the biggest and best loved characters in videogame history" says Adam Roberts, Executive Vice President, VU Games Europe. "We expect the quality of those titles, combined with the tremendous value of the Super Packs, to bring these great characters to a whole new audience."

All three Super Packs will be released with a PEGI age rating of 3+.
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