Vivendi Universal Games Mobile Announces the Release of Crash Racing, Empire Earth and SWAT Force
Company: V.U.G.
Vivendi Universal Games Mobile (VUG Mobile) is excited to reveal its best-selling Crash Bandicoot, Empire Earth and SWAT franchises will soon be available on carriers nationwide. VU Games Mobile’s current game offerings are live across 70 operators in 40 countries. These titles include: Crash Nitro Kart, Crash Twinsanity, Spyro Ripto Quest, Spyro the Dragon, Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude and Leisure Suit Larry Sexy Pinball.

About Empire Earth Mobile
Based on the popular PC property Empire Earth, players will command forces from the past, present and future and build a civilization. To succeed, players must master resource management and conquer all opposition through eight challenging campaigns.
Empire Earth features a full combat system combined with strategic resource management, providing players with the means to capture and control an enemy’s territory and move forward in time. Each age brings its own challenges, new units and additional complexity.

Game Features:
· Eight campaign levels with large variety of objectives
· Deep combat system utilizing 13 different military units
· Strategic resource management
· Four ages to conquer: Stone, Middle, Modern and Nano - spanning more than 2,000 years of human civilization
· Turn based gameplay mechanism gives players full control with a simple interface that allows for ‘one button’ gameplay
· New features with each new age: units change appearance, new resources become available, new military units become available
· Engage in famous historic battles (e.g. French vs. English during the Middle Ages)
· Three game modes: Campaign (solo), Skirmish (custom solo), and multi-player (1 vs. 1 on same handset)
· A full tutorial for easy accessibility

About SWAT Force
Based on the popular PC tactical-action franchise, SWAT Force allows gamers to take control of a two-man SWAT squad and lead them through seven crisis situations.
SWAT Force puts the player in the shoes of a SWAT squad leader: choose the equipment and tactics for the squad’s sharp shooter and explosives experts. Use each one at the appropriate moment and defuse the traps that lie in the way.

Game Features:
· Seven different missions based on real-life urban crisis situations allowing for large variety of gameplay and environments
· Two-man squad: sharp shooter and explosives expert. Take control of either at any time to perform specialized tasks
· Authentic SWAT weapons including flash grenades, pistols, electric stun gun and more
· Multiple traps laid by the enemy such as booby trapped doors, bombs and surveillance cameras
· Various mission objectives: number of hostages freed, number of weapons collected, number of criminals arrested and more

About Crash Racing
Based on the popular video game Crash Tag Team Racing, Crash Racing mobile provides the unique opportunity to fuse two cars together on the fly to form a super vehicle outfitted with a turret gun to clear the road of all traffic! Crash Racing mobile lets the player compete as Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex, Pasadena or Nina Cortex in single or tournament races through three diverse environments.

Game Features:
· Combine your car with others on the road using the unique “fusion” feature. Once combined gain speed and a turret gun to knock other cars out of the race
· Four different vehicles each with distinct attributes allow for twelve different fusion possibilities
· Pick up various bonuses such as speed, missiles and invincibility along the track
· Race in three environments: Egypt, Castles and Pirates
· Two game modes: Single Race and Tournament mode. Outscore your opponents in nine different races to win the tournament
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