Battalion Goes Gold!
Company: ValuSoft
Feb 23rd, 2005 (California, USA) – Urban Squall ( announced today that Battalion the massive multiplayer strategy war game will be exiting beta testing at the end of February/Early March. The server has just finished being re-written for enhanced stability and Urban Squall has recently announced they broke the 4,000 player mark and continue to grow rapidly. If you hurry and sign up you can capitalize on a couple new offers from the Battalion community.

From Feb 23rd until the end of beta all players will have access to the "premium" subscriber features. These include over 50 premium maps, Squad Management, and the first round of Squad Wars. Squad Wars is a unique massive multiplayer mode where squads will battle in a very large map for dominance. For more information on Squad Wars visit

Battalion features a no-download system where you can login and play from anywhere, instantly. It is a full sound and graphic game where you control a battalion of troops and resources and must use them tactically against your opponents. The game is entirely online and there is always someone available to be battled. You can play against the computer or against up to three other real players.

Webmasters can also take advantage of partnership opportunities to place Battalion on your website and receive compensation for doing so. For more information on partnership opportunities please visit to inquire on how Battalion can entertain your visitors and generate revenue for your site and company.

Battalion is currently free for the duration of the beta testing and most of the game will be free forever. Registration only takes a minute but mastering Battalion may take a lifetime! Give it a try at
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