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Vector, Inc. logoVector (publicly listed) operates the largest software download site in Japan with over 400,000 applications and 1.5 billion downloads. In January 2006, Vector entered online game market with its first MMORPG title, MicMac Online, followed by the second title, Ars Magna released in January 2007. Vector acquired Gamespace 24 in May 2007, an acquisition that added three new titles. After acquiring the online game business operated by ELEVEN-UP and merging with the online game business of Vector, Gamespace 24 was reorganized to become part of Vector subsidiary VerX in September 2007. Now, Vector is operating seven client-based games Wonderland Online, Sangoku-Heroes, BelleIsle, Douwa Okoku, Godius, NavyField Neo, and ArsMagna. In addition, Vector operates three browser-based games and one mobile game.