VSBGames Releases Paradoxion 1.0
Company: VGsmart
Paradoxion, a recently released game created by VSBgames, is a surprisingly challenging and seriously addictive puzzle that has every right to claim the title of being the toughest puzzle on the internet.

While game's complexity is likely to drive away a certain portion of casual gamers, Paradoxion has already enjoyed loyal to near-fanatical following by logic game aficionados. In a sense, Paradoxion is a new variety of sequential movement puzzles that is likely to breed scores of clones.

While most sequential movements require planning only one or two moves ahead, Paradoxion requires "reverse engineering" type of thinking, when players have to first see the final outcome and then move backwards to find the solution. In fact, most of game levels require users to place "orbs" (balls) strategically in correct places and set off a chain reaction in the end.

Paradoxion rules are really quite simple, though it may be difficult to grasp the point of the game by just reading the rules. The playing field has orbs of various colors scattered around. To clear orbs, player has to place three of them in a row. But, unlike other puzzles, in Paradoxion the order of placing orbs is essential, because it determines the direction of explosion, which pushes other orbs.

Since the game does not allow players to move orbs manually, setting the direction for explosion is the only way to have impact on other orbs. The number of free orb, available for placing on the playing field is limited.

Folks who played The Incredible Machine are likely to "get" the game very quickly. For others, Paradoxion offers a built-in tutorial and online level solutions. The game comes with a total of 90 levels.

VSBgames is an independent game developing company known for their flagship product XTM2 (Xtreme Tankz Madness 2). If you have any questions, would like to request editor's copy, want to inquire about special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, have a business proposal or interested in publishing/distributing Paradoxion, please contact Alexander Samarin at vadersb@vsbgames.com

System Requirements:
- Win98/2000/XP
- 400Mhz CPU
- 64Mb RAM
- Videocard with 8Mb RAM
- DirectX 8

Company Website: http://www.vsbgames.com

Game Page: http://www.vsbgames.com/paradoxion/paradoxion.php

Download [4.8Mb]: http://www.vsbgames.com/ParadoxionSetup.exe

Buy Link [$24.95]:
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