The Second Wave of Invaders is Coming!
Company: Viva Media
New York, NY 07/30/2013 Crazy Machines 2 fans, take your minds to where no man has gone before! Launch your brain into the farthest reaches of the galaxy to take on a second wave of Invaders from Outer Space! Battle new alien life forms like Shape Shifters and Retro invaders. Utilize an amazing arsenal of parts and weapons as you solve new challenging levels and demolish extraterrestrials in your own devious experiments! Use velocity pads, EMP bombs, and Pushing Beams and much more to construct your own masterpiece of chaos in out space! Stunning HD graphics, extraordinary physics, particle effects, shadows and lighting will bring your experiments to life like never before!

This latest DLC is the 7 th Crazy Machines 2 add on. Players who own the base game plus all add-ons will be able to access a big fat war chest of over 200 parts in total!


Extraordinary physics, particle effects, and active shadows, lighting and more! Stunning HD Graphics.

Cool New Aliens:
Shape Shifters Hit these sleepy looking extraterrestrials with an electroshock and watch them transform.

Choose between 5 types of Retro Invaders. Each mode has its own unique appearance and behavior:

Horizontal pong
Vertical Pong
Invader Reflect
Retro invader

New forms of Destruction: Introducing the EMP and implosion bombs!

Directional Gravity - The Velocity Pad is a nifty new gadget that propels objects along a set path. Use it to create your own patters of gravity in out space

New Laser action: Zap alien invaders into oblivion with Laser beams!

Cool Gizmos: Holo projector, Space beacon, Sun Colorizer, Antennae and 3 new Alien Symbols!


Viva Media
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