Begin Your Journey Through The Whispered World Today!
Company: Viva Media
New York, NY April 26th, 2010 Join Sadwick, an unlikely hero, as he journeys through the mystical lands of the Whispered World and onto the computers of many eager fans. The game's enticing story will grab hold of players' imaginations and whisk them away to far off places and stun them with its shocking ending. The much anticipated release launches today!

The game features beautifully hand-painted graphics and a gorgeous original score that creates a cinematic ambience unmatched in even the most intensive 3D games. TWW is a game not only to enjoy, but to appreciate and even to admire. Carlo Voelker, CEO of Viva Media commented, "It's been years since an adventure game of this caliber has come to market. The developers have told an amazing story through fantastic game play and graphics. The distinct style of this game makes it a truly unique event in the industry."

About the Game
The beautiful adventure game "The Whispered World" whisks the player away to a fascinating fantasy world. Sadwick is a young clown but often far from cheerful. One night, a strange blue creature speaks to him in a dream, and sends him on an adventurous journey. Many dangers await Sadwick, for the world he knows is doomed to crumble and fall.

In classic point & click tradition, gamers steer Sadwick and his companion Spot through the game. Little Spot never leaves Sadwick's side and is integral to solving many puzzles. He can take on many different forms throughout the game, which the player can pick and choose at will, once they have been learned. Fantastic backgrounds filled with animated details and intriguing characters that evoke animated movies bring the story to life. The Whispered World mixes fairy-tale elements with an epic tale.

About Daedalic Entertainment
Daedalic Entertainment develops and publishes high-quality computer and video games worldwide, focusing on the production of entertainment software with strong narratives. The company - based in Hamburg, Germany - offers international partners services in the fields of development, publishing and consulting. With its talented internal team and an expansive network of experienced service providers, Daedalic is the ideal partner for games marketing, development and publishing. Daedalic has released a number of acclaimed titles, collecting five German Game Developer Awards in the last two years with Edna & Harvey: The Breakout and The Whispered World, as well as being named "Studio of the Year 2009". Daedalic is currently developing a host of new and innovative games that include the upcoming A New Beginning and Deponia.

About Viva Media
Viva Media LLC is a New York based company dedicated to publishing a wide array of interactive content of the highest standards. The company's collection of over 150 games boasts more than 100 awards for excellence in publishing. Recent releases include S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Grand Ages Rome, the wildly popular Crazy Machines series, the Learn to Play Chess series based on the world's #1 chess software engine, the renowned car racing simulation games RACE, GTR Evolution, RACE ON and a variety of casual games including the best seller, Treasure Masters, Inc.
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