Demo Now Available for the Wacky Action Adventure Game, Cargo: The Quest for Gravity!
Company: Viva Media
New York, NY May 19, 2011 - Anyone who would like a glimpse into this extraordinary game can now access the demo here. This little gem scarcely weighs 800MB, and will take adventurous travelers to the beautiful, autumnal island archipelago formerly known as “Earth”. This sumptuously colored season provides an ideal setting in which to test the weird yet endearing atmosphere of Cargo: The Quest for Gravity with no commitment.

About CARGO!

Earth as we know it has been reduced to an island archipelago, full of color and Buddies – a very small people who aren't bound by gravity and are free to float around at their own leisure. The Gods haven't looked too kindly on humanity, favoring these man-babies and giving them reign over the islands for their own willy-nilly, topsy-turvy pleasure. Play as Flawkes, one of the last survivors on earth. In this role, your mission is to restore Gravity. By building ingenious inventions and vehicles, Flawkes is able to dish out a healthy dose of fun for these bare-bottomed brats, the only ingredient that grounds them and will restore Earth’s gravity. The biggest challenge is to outwit the Buddies, and even more difficult, to outwit the Gods.


Unique and innovative game principle
8 hours of story gameplay, plus unlimited sandbox gameplay
10 different islands, a large underwater area, flying islands and numerous interior locations
Different seasons affect the gameplay and the handling of the vehicles
Car races over frozen seas, motor boat races, daring flight maneuvers and deep-sea excursions
Over 20 different building components that can be assembled to create crazy yet functional vehicles
The player's music can be used in the game
The physics-driven gameplay allows the player to find his own solution to each puzzle
Intuitive and easily accessible controls
Suitable for the whole family

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The company's collection of over 150 games boasts more than 100 awards for excellence in interactive publishing. Recent and upcoming releases include Cargo: The Quest for Gravity, Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Adventure, Angel Code, The Rockin’ Dead, Black Mirror 2, Black Mirror 3, Gray Matter, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat, Grand Ages Rome, the wildly popular Crazy Machines series, the Learn to Play Chess series based on the world's #1 chess software engine FRITZ, the renowned car racing simulation games RACE, GTR Evolution, RACE ON and a large variety of casual games including North American best sellers, Farm Frenzy series, the Treasures of Mystery Island series, Stray Souls, Vampire Saga, and many more.

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