Voice Your Attack Strategy: MechWarrior® Online to Deploy Vivox's C3 Voice Integration
Company: Vivox
NATICK, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vivox Inc., a disruptive, integrated social communications provider, today announced the integration of its C3 solution into the highly anticipated online game, MechWarrior® Online. Developed by Piranha Games and published by Infinite Game Publishing, MechWarror Online is the premium online successor to the best-selling MechWarrior franchise.

Revolutionary war campaigns begin with communication, and now the troops of game players invading the MechWarror Online landscape will be able to plan strategies with each other through voice conversations in the midst of the high-action gameplay or outside of the game.

Through the integration of Vivox C3 solution, the entire MechWarror Online community will have the ability to communicate, plot operations and create a more unified front for future attacks on opponents. In building MechWarror Online, the Piranha development team sought a scalable platform to accommodate an expanding user base, while building loyalty among players through multiplayer and team unit premium voice capabilities.

“Vivox’s C3 platform provides us with a solution we can grow into,” said Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games. “MechWarror Online is more than just the experience of being in the game and participating in battles; it’s about building the community and taking the time to develop alliances, building factions and getting to know fellow players. With C3, our community has the ability to achieve these goals effectively for an enhanced and enjoyable gaming experience.”

The inclusion of in- and out-of-game natural voice capabilities for MechWarror Online will offer an unparalleled communications experience for team play, with a flexible, stand-alone voice client so the community won’t have to look elsewhere for a solution. Through its direct-messaging capabilities, C3 will allow Piranha the opportunity to stay connected with the MechWarror Online gaming community whether they are interacting with the game or not.

“With the integration of Vivox C3 into MechWarror Online, gamers will have a seamless voice experience from within their teams, while alleviating them from the need to find an outside add-on to complicate the process,” said Rob Seaver, Vivox CSO. “Vivox aims to provide high-quality solutions for game publishers like Piranha to build more cohesive and scalable communities with the ability to brand the technology and reach their players both in and outside the game.”

Vivox C3 will be included with MechWarror Online during the closed beta, starting September 4th, and at launch as part of the new gaming environment. MechWarror Online is set to launch in open beta fall of 2012. Sign up for the beta at www.mwomercs.com. The last chance to sign up to become a MechWarrior Online Founder is midnight Pacific, on September 6th at www.mwomercs.com/founder.

About Vivox
Vivox’s VoiceEverywhereTM enables social communications anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Vivox provides communication applications for social experiences where consumers interact on the Web, on their mobile devices or within gaming or social networking environments. More than 80 million users in 180+ countries exchange more than 3.5 billion voice minutes each month across the Vivox network. Vivox social communications applications are delivered directly to consumers and with partners such as T-Mobile, CCP Games, Linden Labs, Nexon, Sony Online Entertainment, Wargaming.net and others. For more information, visit www.vivox.com or download C3 at downloadc3.com/MWO.

About Piranha Games
Piranha Games Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman. Piranha Games is focused on the core action games market and has worked on exciting IPs such as: Need For Speed®, Transformers® 2: Revenge of the Fallen. For more information please visit www.piranha-games.com.

About MechWarror Online
Set in the year 3049 during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, MechWarror Online puts you in command of the most powerful war machine to ever walk the field of battle, the mighty BattleMech. Pilot your Mech and customize it to suit your preferred battlefield role; upgrade systems, weapons, and armor with endless options giving you creative control over your battle strategy as you face your next opponent. MechWarror Online delivers a rich online experience, rewarding everything a player does with experience points, C-Bills, unlocks, and recognition. Upgrade skills and refine your role in gameplay using an all-new leveling system, and up-to-the minute detailed player statistics allow you to compare, track and share your progress with other players. Visit www.mwomercs.com.

About Infinite Game Publishing
Infinite Game Publishing is a newly formed publisher of AAA online interactive entertainment. Formed by industry veterans with a passion for great games, IGP’s leadership is driving online entertainment forward by partnering with best-in-breed developers to bring high-octane excitement to PC gamers everywhere. For more information, please visit http://infinitegamepublishing.com/.
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