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Vyk Games logoVyk Games, formerly known as Vykarian, is a video game art, design and development studio headquartered in Shanghai, China, with regional offices in Nanjing, China, and Portland, Oregon. The company was founded by a group of U.S. and Chinese videogame development veterans to provide high quality and cost-effective development and production services for the global video game and entertainment markets. Services include 2D/ 3D art, concepts & design, modeling, texture UV, rigging and weighting, level design, virtual world building, and full game development. The company has worked on a number of AAA titles with various publishers, including Activision, EA, Spicy Horse, Eidos, Disney, Vivendi, Turbine, Foundation 9, THQ, Sony Online Entertainment, Sega, and Gearbox. Vyk Games is a privately held company and was established in 2006.