Wastelands Interactive Releases Strategic War in Europe v1.02 Patch
June 25, 2012 (USA & EU) - Wastelands Interactive continued to improve newly released Strategic War in Europe today by releasing patch 1.02.

Strategic War in Europe v1.02 Patch Notes are:

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues users were experiencing with the Naval tutorial
Corrected some typos within the game text
Fixed a crashing issue that affected some users after moving to next or previous unit


All fleets have been moved to their correct locations


Fixed Vichy possessions between years 1941-1942

To download patch v1.02 you can download it here or simply launch the AutoUpdate by going to Start Menu > Strategic War in Europe > AutoUpdater.

Strategic War in Europe is available on GameStop, GamersGate and Desura for $14.99.

Media outlets have already praised Strategic War in Europe for its fun gameplay and historically accurate event system.

"The gameplay was fun and the history really kept me interested. I would love the opportunity to take control of Allied forces and kick the crap out of the Axis years before history’s true course. Would I buy this game? Yes, after playing it."

"Given the obvious talent and intelligence of the staff, this and future titles from this developer should be very much worth looking forward to."

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