The Palaces of King Magish: Waygate Publishing announces Major Content update for Its Mmorpg, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
LONDON – May 30, 2008 – Waygate Publishing Limited, a London-based company specialising in the operation of Eastern European online games for the Western market, today launched its latest content update for Legend: Legacy of the Dragons. The MMORPG, which can be found at, continues to grow in popularity and the new update promises exciting new battlefield action.

The Palaces of King Magish
The main part of the update concerns the addition of a new ‘instance’ where players do battle with the biggest, baddest monsters and have the opportunity to gain rare armour drops. The introduction of Magish and his minions significantly evolves the story of the fantastical world of Faeo in which Legend is set, further developing and rewriting the level 3 instance, the Derelict House for less experienced players. The Palaces are designed for more experienced players of level 6 and above.

Hunters of the Undead
The story of Magish brings with it a new NPC and a new reputation. Shiko the Paladin, a wanderer, is the hero who heads the Hunters of the Undead, dedicated to destroying the evil which is seeping into Faeo. He has arrived on the continents of Ogriy and Khair to begin the task of tackling King Magish and his retinue and will happily help any warrior who is brave enough to enter the Palaces of King Magish to fulfil their duty to protect the residents of Faeo.

All new
The new instance and reputation bring with them a host of new monsters for players to contend with and a whole range of items for them to get to grips with as they tackle their latest tasks. In addition to the instance and reputation, there is also a variety of new quests unrelated to the Hunters, each bringing their own blend of intrigue and battle.

The next content update will include the eagerly-awaited mercenary clans and reputations, already massively popular in the Russian-language original version of the game.

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About Waygate Publishing
Waygate Publishing Limited operates from offices in central London, specialising in the localisation and operation of Eastern European online games. The company also develops location-aware multimedia, used in popular satellite navigation devices.

About IT-Territory
IT-Territory is the Russian-based developer and publisher of Legend: Legacy of Dragons and numerous other online games. IT-Territory recently announced it has acquired the rights to translate and localise The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ for the Russian-speaking market.