Age of Wulin Open Beta Start Today
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Dublin, Ireland – 18th July, 2013 – WEBZEN , the pioneering free-to-play games developer and publisher, announces today that the Open Beta for the highly anticipated Free-to-Play Martial Arts Action MMORPG Age of Wulin are now live!

Age of Wulin fans across Europe will now have complete access to the vast and vibrant Wulin universe. After a fantastic response to the Closed Beta, the Open Beta are sure to provide an even greater experience as anyone can now immerse themselves into the Wuxia world. Fans can now explore the vast and open world of Wulin, master the Kung-Ku combat system and interact with the growing Wulin community.

“Thanks so much to our European players for supporting Snail Game and WEBZEN” Said Shi Hai, chairman of Snail Game, he continues “We’re going to bring you a brand new Wuxia world, with true oriental elements and Chinese culture. In this Wuxia world, you’ll find a whole new way to experience an MMO.”

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Age of Wulin will take players back into ancient Chinese history, where they will be immersed in traditional daily life during a period when martial arts culture was at its peak. Instead of a linear level system, players can develop their character by obtaining skills through the game’s dynamic armed and unarmed combat system, which combines a variety of martial arts and ancient Chinese philosophies. Age of Wulin also takes place in a beautiful 3D world with high quality graphics and deep engaging game play.

In the initial stages, players will select their path from eight different storylines and uncover a unique novel that accompanies each storyline in order to help build their character. By learning and training new skills each day, the player’s character improves and they are offered new challenges with every step. Experienced characters will even be able to master skills that enable them to run on water or even fly from one roof to another. Life is not over once the player returns from their adventures and logs out, as their avatar will stay in-game, continuing daily life routines and tasks according to what the player determines.

Participants will help WEBZEN make the final adjustments and improvements needed before the game is officially launched. The game will be polished for a much anticipated final launch based on the critical feedback provided by the Wulin community. There will be no resets or wipes once the game has entered Open Beta.

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The Open Beta launches with three servers which are all in English, with two dedicated to the French-speaking and German-speaking communities and the third for the international English community. French and German localized clients will be updated at a future time, to be announced.

Players are encouraged to join and take part in the Open Beta and meet the ever growing Wulin community.

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