WeMade offers mobile smash hit WIND RUNNER worldwide
Irvine, Calif., (Dec. 6, 2013) – WeMade USA, the Western arm of WeMade Entertainment Co. Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 112040), a global publisher that challenges the boundaries of what is possible in mobile and online games, has announced the worldwide release of the smash-hit “WIND RUNNER” starting today.
“WIND RUNNER,” a running-action, treasure hunting mobile game, has established itself as a huge success in Asian territories with more than 30 million installs achieved in Korea and Japan combined. In Korea, it achieved 10 million downloads in 12 days, faster than any other mobile game, on its way to become Korea’s number one downloaded and grossing mobile game. In Japan, it quickly became the country’s most popular downloaded mobile game.

WeMade’s strategic release of “WIND RUNNER” is its first global product that will reach North American, European and Eastern European markets. By releasing “WIND RUNNER” globally, WeMade is expanding its audience and bringing its innovative and original content to eager gamers worldwide.
“We are extremely happy to bring WeMade’s high quality mobile games to the world market,” said Won Il Sue, head of WeMade USA’s Global Business Group. “Through the global service, we hope to deliver the amazing content of ‘WIND RUNNER’ to new audiences in the West and Eastern Europe. Going forward, we want to challenge the way mobile games are perceived and played.”

“WIND RUNNER” gives players of any skill level access to the treasure hunting fun by providing simple controls using a mobile device’s touch screen. The game immerses players into its world by giving them three avatars, Chloe, Stella and Leo, and 66 mounts and pets, including a tiger, a baby unicorn and thunder bird. The game offers a variety of maps, missions and treasures to challenge players.

Additionally, players can use “WIND RUNNER’s” customized user interface to easily share their exploits with Facebook friends. To “like” on Facebook and learn more about “WIND RUNNER,” go to https://www.facebook.com/windrunnerfanpage.

Players can download and play the game from the following sources:

· Facebook App Center: http://www.facebook.com/appcenter/fbwindrunner?fb_source=search&fbsid=1101&ref=br_tf
· Apple App Store:
· Google Play Store:

About WeMade Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Established in 2000, WeMade Entertainment Co., Ltd., (KOSDAQ: 112040) is an international game developer and publisher with some of the most popular mobile games in Asia. WeMade has grown from a handful of passionate game pioneers to more than 1,000 game enthusiasts including one of the most robust mobile games development teams in the world. WeMade’s first hit title “Legend of Mir 2” drew more than 200 million online PC gamers into its world. Since debuting in the mobile games space in April of 2012, WeMade has released 27 high-quality mobile games including “WIND RUNNER” which became the most popular mobile game in Korea and Japan with over 30 million downloads combined.

About WeMade USA Inc.
Established in 2008, WeMade Entertainment USA, Inc. (WeMade USA) is the business and publishing arm of WeMade Entertainment Co. Ltd., for the Western market. Working with its parent affiliate companies, WeMade USA is dedicated to offering gamers a portfolio of entertaining, high quality PC and Mobile Games.
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