Whiptail Iinteractive To Publish Psychotoxic
New Deal with NuclearVision Entertainment GmbH Brings First-Person Action to the PC in Q1

WEST CHESTER, PA, October 13, 2004 – Whiptail Interactive, a cutting-edge game publisher with titles such as Postal 2 and Gangland (among others) already under its belt, announced today that it will publish PsychoToxic in North America and several European territories. Developed by NuclearVision Entertainment GmbH, Psycho Toxic shipped earlier this year in Germany where it enjoyed a warm reception from both press and consumers alike. The gritty First-Person title will ship in the US late in the first quarter of 2005 for the PC.

“We’re very excited to be working with NuclearVision to present PsychoToxic to gamers worldwide,” said Joe Muoio, Managing Director of Whiptail Interactive. “When choosing games to publish we look for fun first and foremost, but also originality. We feel this game weighs in heavy in both categories.”

PsychoToxic places gamers in the shoes of heroine Angie Prophet who, unbeknownst to her, must save mankind from impending nuclear Armageddon. The year is 2022, the place is New York City and as Angie’s role as savior unfolds so too does her understanding of why she is the only one that stands in the way of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse and the destruction of civilization. Throughout the game, Angie continues to discover a series of unique abilities, such as invisibility, the slowing of time and the infiltration of other’s dreams – all of which aid her progress.

PsychoToxic features 29 richly detailed levels, eight of which are unique “dream stages” that take Angie inside the dreams (and nightmares) of other characters in the game. The game also boasts graphics powered by the Vulpine Vision Graphics Engine.

Commenting on the deal with Whiptail, NuclearVision Entertainment’s Tim Bruns offered, “Whiptail Interactive seems to have the same goals in mind for PsychoToxic as we do and we’re extremely happy to be working with them. PsychoToxic’s unique level design of 29 different settings with over ninety carefully-crafted opponents should serve as a solid challenge for gamers worldwide”

For additional information please visit: www.psychotoxic.de

About Whiptail Interactive
Based in West Chester, PA with offices in the UK & Spain, Whiptail Interactive is a full service publisher focused on North America and Europe. Whiptail Interactive's unique approach to partnering with developers and publishers provides its partners with a more profitable channel to the retail markets than is currently available with any other company.

About NuclearVision
Nuclearvision Entertainment was founded in 2000 (Braunschweig/Germany) by Frank Fitzner, Tim Bruns and David Strippgen. Right from the start the company was going into a direction formerly nearly undiscovered by german game developers: 3D-Ego-Shooters. Apart from complete game titles (Codename Gordon for Valve Software) they are also providing solutions for visualisations or creating high quality models for other companies, like the main character for the upcoming Lula 3D Game from CDV, or just creating and rendering unique trailers (i.e.Trinigy or Vidis). For further informations on NuclearVision Entertainment, please visit: www.nuclearvision.de
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