Whiptail Interactive Accesses Restricted Area
Product: Restricted Area
Developer: Master Creating
Genre: 3-D Isometric Action RPG
Platform: PC CD-ROM
Release: April 2005
SRP: £24.99

Whiptail Interactive has secured the rights to publish German developer Master Creating's eagerly anticipated action RPG, Restricted Area, on a worldwide basis with the exception of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the former Eastern Block countries. Commenting on the deal, Master Creating's creative director, Jan Beuck offered, "After Restricted Area's extraordinary success in Germany, we are thrilled to be working with such a great partner as Whiptail Interactive for the game's international release. We're also very excited regarding the feedback from gamers worldwide about this game!" Whiptail's Publishing director, Chris Warrender, commented, "Having received five nominations at this year's German Developer Awards, this deal further secures Whiptail Interactive's reputation for bringing innovative and exciting games to the world's gamers. Restricted Area is already a hot title in Germany, our job is made that much easier as a publisher in releasing the title to an eager gaming community."

This is the second PC CD-ROM licensing deal Whiptail Interactive has signed in the past month. The company secured the rights to German developer, NuclearVision's new first person shooter, Psychotoxic, in October. Warrender added, "Some may raise an eyebrow at Whiptail signing two titles in such a short space of time but it's merely a reflection of the state of the industry over the past few months. We tend to sign games that are within 6 months of release or already released in a territory and need localisation. There just haven't been that many games available to sign that fit our requirements until Psychotoxic and Restricted Area came along."

Psychotoxic is slated for a March 2005 release with Restricted Area following a month later.
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