White Elephant Develops Macintosh Version of RIP
White Elephant announced today the development of Macintosh version of RIP -a staggaring arcade for those who like to shoot.

RIP, the indie game of the month in PC Zone, a silver medalist from GameTunnel and a holder of a Silver Star title on Bytten.com, will now be available on Mac OS X.

This is a crazy adventure that lets you put all of your energy into action. An army of humanity pits itself against the Legions of Hell, and you are.. a Hell defender! Choose any of 3 characters, Death, Halloween or Rock'n'Roll and combat with a variety of smart and dangerous enemies. Arsenal of weapons, multitude of bonuses and character power-ups are at your disposal to win the battle. 'The gameplay of RIP is very solid,"says Mahzkrieg, one of our customers. Bullets hit when they are supposed to and the enemies satisfyingly collapse into a puddle of blood. The shotgun in particular is the most satisfying weapon to use as clusters of bulletspray shred enemy ranks.The experience/leveling system adds that enjoyable element to the
game with chooseable upgrades like increased rate of fire and damage. Very nice game. I am looking forward to seeing the Macintosh version".

Pricing and Availability
At the moment RIP runs under Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. A fully functional evaluation version of the game is available as a free download at

About White Elephant Games
Founded in 2003, White Elephant Games is a software company focused on the development of games for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. The company"s catalogue includes such bestsellers as Jungle Heart, Road Rush, Avalon and RIP. For more information about the games, please visit our website at http://www.elephant-games.com.
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