Turret Wars now available at Widget Monkey Games
Widget Monkey Games is proud to announce that we are now selling Turret Wars by Sector3 in our online store!

Turret Wars is a fast paced 3D arcade game, where you battle against enemy gun turrets, finding and destroying them before they find and destroy you! Turret Wars was developed by Sector3, one of Australia's leading animation and visual effects studios based in Melbourne.

In the latest version of Turret Wars, players choose from six amazing playing environments, each with their own difficulties and strategies, or select random and let the game select random environments for you. Choose from four different gun turret types, each with slightly different weapon and armour or projectile features. Computer controlled enemy turrets will be chosen as a random selection of these turret types. You get the choice of fighting against one to seven other computer controlled gun turrets, in three different difficulty levels. Each difficulty level also introduces differing wind conditions.

Turret Wars is available in the Widget Monkey Games' online store in two versions: a Family Pack with 3 licenses for AUD$19.95 and a Single User license for AUD$9.95.

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