Winter Wolves Studio Announces Bugged-Out Rally v1.07
Winter Wolves present Bugged-Out Rally from InoculousGames, a unique rally game based on bug racing instead of ordinary cars, available for Windows and Mac platforms.

There are total of eight bugs in the game. Player starts with a beetle, the weakest bug, but can be upgraded to a faster and a higher performance bugs. To do this, races must be won and earnings collected. Bugs are won and learned in this order: beetle (given), ladybug, cockroach, grasshopper, hornet, praying mantis, scorpion, and blackwidow.

There are eight unique race tracks in the game. Most unusual are "Ocean Side", where most of the track is laid out under water, and the "Lunar",
where 60% gravity of Earth is simulated - once airborne it takes some time to come back down. There are also hazards in the game, such as spitting frogs, dust-devil, falling boulders, and so on. Challenges are different for each track.

All tracks contain booster pads and we have placed the boosters close together in two tracks to achieve continuous boost from one to the next
before the boost energy is drained. The speedometer tops out at 180 but that speed is reached rather quickly and the bugs continue to accelerate with
every boost. Weapons in the game: "zinger" - a self-guided rockets, and "magno bomb" - actually a levitating mine that will follow your opponents. There are also health packs and other hidden bonuses later in the game.

Bugged Out Rally also takes advantage of the multiplayer feature, so get online and challenge some races once you acquired some tough bugs.

Registration is only US$19.95, and may be handled online from the company's web site.

Visit for additional information.
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