Faceoff Hockey 2010 Released!!
Wolverine Studios is proud to announce that Faceoff Hockey 2010 is now available exclusively from www.wolverinestudios.com

FOH 2010 is ready for the new hockey season and developer Brian Van Wyk has completely rebuilt the game to include all of your favorite features from before as well as these new improvements!

The most realistic game engine in hockey simulation gaming!
Multiplayer league play.
Single-player or Multi-player Replay ability.
Define your own coaching strategies
Create your own teams.
Apply your own Team logos. (optional)
Improved Schedule Generation, or import your own schedule.
Reports for current and past seasons.
New optional rules for increased customization of your game-play. Import and Export wizards, no more copying of directorie
Players rated using the time-tested Faceoff system.
Control the intensity level of your team during play.
Ability to store players who have never been officially rated and associate them with a team.
New shootout engine based on actual shootout results.
Game play is now on just one screen, no more jumping back and forth between screens to change lines.
Coaching strategies are now assigned to specific games, no more guesswork in applying the correct strat.
In game tools for tracking player usage, no more spreadsheets.
All reports and boxscores are in HTML for easy posting to a league website.
Uses latest Microsoft technologies.

FOH2010 developer Brian Van Wyk says "I didn't expect this initial offering to be quite so involved or to take quite this long when I started it. However I am thrilled to give back to the faceoff community which has kept me so entertained these past decades. I feel that this release of faceoff hockey provides a much needed facelift for the faceoff hockey franchise, and lays the groundwork for much more to come. I am thrilled that the community has largely stuck with the game through these growing pains and is excited about a new version. I look forward to growing the faceoff hockey brand into something we can all be proud of."

A fully playable demo is currently available from the FOH2010 webpage and more info on and discussion of the game can be found in our forums at http://www.wolverinestudios.com/forum/

If you're ready to jump right in then head over to the webstore and make your purchase. You will receive your license key in minutes and you can download the game files from the FOH2010 webpage. If you want to take the demo for a spin first then all you need to do is go to the webstore when you're ready to buy, get your code and enter it the next time you fire up the game and the full version will be unlocked.
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