PureSim Baseball 4 Updated
The second half of the season is underway so its the perfect time for you to jump into PureSim Baseball 4! Developer Shaun Sullivan has released a brand new update with a couple of tweaks but has once again gone the extra mile to provide even more value to his customers by adding ALL NEW FEATURES...FOR FREE! Here's a look at the brand new features.

New - Transaction Mode Actual Starting Line Ups now implemented as an option during association creation from 1920-2010.
New! - Actual Starting Pitchers (ASLP) - The actual starter will now be used. Note, there will always be a very small amount cases where the real pitcher isn't available, but in most games you will see the exact starter!
New! - (For Historical Buffs) - If you are using TRU-Life Transactions and Actual Starting Lineups, for any season from 1950-2010 there is a new link at the top of the Scores and Schedules page that will let you view all the actual real life box scores that happened on that day in history!
New - In-Game Managing - A percentage representing the active pitchers "physiological" state during the course of the game. The pitchers fatigue, which is tied to his number of pitches thrown, and the positive/negative course of events during the game, means this percentage can rise and fall as the course of events in a game take place.
New - All Time Career Leaders link added to Stats & Reports page.
New! - Added Runs differential to standings screen.

If you haven't already purchased PureSim 4 you can do so today from our webstore for only $14.95! For less than 15 dollars you can enjoy a summer full of the most accurate baseball simulation on the market. Nobody comes close to matching PureSim Baseball 4 in its historical replay and statistical accuracy. You can't get closer to real baseball than this!

Once you purchase the game (or if you already own PureSim 4), please visit our PureSim 4 webpage to download this latest update and if you want to see the entire list of tweaks and fixes included in this update please visit our forums. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter too for the latest updates and special sales!
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