ALERT! Safety Boom!
Company: Wooji Juice
This autumn, only you will stand between the public and terrifying explody doom!

Coming soon for the iPhone, ALERT! Safety Boom! is a new story-driven simulation game from Wooji Juice, makers of Hexterity (Editors Choice, iPhone Game Network; Pocket Gamer Silver Award) and Soundroid Rampage.

ALERT! Safety Boom! transports the player into the high pressure, high tension lives of D.E.E.P.P. 6 an elite international Bomb Disposal Squad. In a world where people have to check their shoes for bombers each morning, you'll use a unique multi-touch interface and a full toolbox of tricks to take out increasingly complicated devices, while the story unfolds through richly-drawn comic-book cutscenes.

Follow along behind the scenes, through Wooji juice's development diary the clock is ticking down to an incendiary autumn 2009 release!

*** Start Your Career With A Bang! ***

You take on the role of Sam Seafore, a rookie bomb-disposal agent, seconded into the recently formed Division 6 of the Directorate for Explosives Eradication and Public Protection. Facing ever more dangerous devices and increasingly mad bombers, you must use your wits and a steady hand to keep yourself and most importantly the public safe.

*** Having A Blast! ***

There's an arms race on and with each new mission you face increasingly explosive challenges. Against these tamper-proofed devices you must wield the contents of your Bomb Squad Toolbox, from the basic anti-static glove and multi-meter, through to state of the art D.E.E.P.P. 6 custom gadgetry such as Liquid Nitrogen Spray and The F.E.G.G. Choose the right tool for the job, analyse the device, and make it safe all under pressure from the ever-ticking Countdown Timer Of Doom!

*** Duck And Cover! ***

With your toolkit literally at your fingertips you must delve through the multi-layered bombs to reach the device core and neutralise it, peeling away the layers like onion skins. Slash a finger across a wire to snip it, grip and unscrew bolts, pull levers, undo latches, disable tilt switches and more, all simply by using the appropriate gestures.

*** Explosive Story! ***

High-octane gameplay needs a high-octane story and ALERT! Safety Boom! delivers by the megaton. The story, mission briefings, updates and helpful hints are presented in a slick comic-book style. Through the cutscenes we follow the adventures of Sam and a cast of colourful characters, including:

Sergeant Dubchek, squad leader
Corporal Heidi Ingell, troubled second-in-command
Lance Corporal Walker, the gung-ho brawn of the outfit
Private Mayumi Maruyama, another fresh recruit from the Academy
And of course a host of mad, bad bombers. Who are these mad bombers?

What are their goals? What secret does Corporal Ingell and the Sarge share?! You'll have to tune in to find out!

*** She's Gonna Blow! ***

ALERT! Safety Boom! is packed to the gunnels with features! Once you've beaten a mission, it's unlocked in time trial mode: beat your best times, then throw down the gauntlet to your friends.

That not enough? Okay then, once you've finished all missions in Story mode, you'll need to duck the flying shards of Challenge mode, remixing levels with new dangers and twists! You still want more? Right, how about... Achievements! Global leaderboards! And an original Reactive Soundtrack!

*** Feature List! ***

Unique multi-touch gameplay
Richly illustrated comic book cutscenes with our distinctive Comic Text System
Story mode, Time Trial mode, Challenge mode
Global leaderboards and achievements
Pause or quit at any point, resume right where you left off no progress lost by phone calls at inopportune moments
Music that reacts to gameplay (or listen to your own music, natch!)
Issue challenges to your friends

*** Developer Diary! ***

Follow the construction of ALERT! Safety Boom! through to its autumn release, with sneak peeks, concept art, development tips and more from the developers at Wooji Juice, a rare specimen of the endangered British Indie Game Developer, at:

*** Squad Roster! ***

Wooji Juice is a small independent developer based in the UK.

Previous iPhone work includes our very own Hexterity and Soundroid Rampage, as well as engineering on the acclaimed Karma Star.

Former employees of SCEE and Muckyfoot, we have provided engineering and art direction on PlayStation Home and worked on a number of PC and console titles including EyeToy Play 2, The Getaway: Black Monday, The Getaway: Gangs of London, Urban Chaos, Blade II and the BAFTA-nominated Startopia.
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