Gunbird Special Edition – Legendary 2D-Shooter Arcade Classic Arrives on Playstation 2 for First Time
Company: Xplosiv
London, January 2005, Xplosiv announce the forthcoming release of Gunbird Special Edition the latest release in the Xplosiv £9.99 value range for PlayStation®2. Gunbird Special Edition brings players one of the most popular arcade series for the first time ever on PlayStation®2.

The first installment of the game in Gunbird Special Edition involves the player in a shoot-em-up adventure to get the ATLERS mirror – which possesses a magical power to grant any wish to those who attain it! Five adventurers are ready to go in search of the treasure, and ready to go into battle with any who attempt to stop them; only bravery, skill and sheer determination can prevail. Little do they know that a secret underground organization is ready to stop them at all odds. Can you take to the sky and battle your way to gaining the treasure?

In the second installment of the game in Gunbird Special Edition the player sets off on a crusade for the magical, wish-fulfilling HOLY ELIXIR. The potion can only be found once all elements from the Sun, Moon and Stars are uncovered and taken to the holy temple. Hot on your tail for the Elixir are the infamous Sky Pirates. You must defeat the pirates and fulfill the challenges set before you in order to make all your dreams come true. Let the Gunbird Adventure begin!


Join in various stories, which unfold according to your character combinations, with over sixty possible endings!

Play each stage individually in Practice Mode

Aim for higher scores by picking up bonus items on your way

Use various attacks including Smart Bomb or Charge Attack to get the treasures!

Special attack moves and charge shot upgrades

Two player and the ability to set default number of lives

Select your own difficulty level and number of rounds you wish to play

"GUNBIRD SPECIAL EDITION adds to the already existing great variety at great prices that the XPLOSIV range offers," commented Jo Fawell, European Product Manager Xplosiv, "Xplosiv on PC has been hugely successful by offering budget titles at £9.99 and £4.99. We are seeing the same two tier pricing trend on PlayStation®2 with titles at £19.99 (typically 2 for £30) and titles at £9.99. Our aim is to provide a flexible and effective multi-platform value solution to retail. This also means we are delivering the best possible quality, value and choice for consumers".

Xplosiv's portfolio now boasts 20 titles on PlayStation®2 with a further ten new European releases planned for 2005. Together with the core range of over 60 titles for PC, with over 30 new releases planned for this fiscal. Xplosiv has also taken its first steps into value software for Xbox and Gamecube with 5 titles available on these platforms

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