Army Rage's beta officially started
Company: Yacuba Games
The newest MMOFPS based on WWII ‐ Army Rage has just entered its closed beta stage, publisher Yacuba Games announces. The closed beta is planned to end in February 2012, until then players will be able to experience all available options for free and receive many gifts and surprises.

Army Rage’s current main goal is becoming realistic as a game play experience and very dynamic in terms of team play – the players here have the chance to make cooperation teams of all the 4 soldier classes, choose different game modes, such as:

‐ “Capture the flag” where the two sides of 12 players each in every separate game room fight to capture and defend their flag;

‐ “Team Deathmatch” ‐ which is a game of shooting as many rival players as you can and achieve a team goal;

‐ “Rush” ‐ the two rival sides – Allies and Axis charge and detonate or, respectively, defend keypoints in several rounds;

‐ And their variations – King of the Hill and Special Team Deathmatch where players can capture different flags in a certain order and choose different weapon modes (knives, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, tanks, etc.).

It’s really up to the players to make their game interesting and fun. The game can run on systems with relatively low characteristics, such as a 256MB video memory. Players can adjust their graphical settings anytime in order to achieve a better performance.

“The development of Army Rage started in September 2009 which makes it almost two years of hard work to create the game by now.” – developer Tuyasoft’s COO Yuanzheng Cheng comments. – “Our advantage is that Army Rage uses the Origo engine that we developed on our own which makes us capable of working relatively fast on making the game and its engine way more flexible in the future. Moreover, we are willing to spend all our time and efforts on making it a better experience for the players”.

“Army Rage entered closed beta test in Europe on 15th December. The planned length of this stage is 1 to 2 months ‐ of course, this depends on the overall project’s progress during that time.” – adds Delzar Khalaf, CEO at Yacuba Games. – “The game is designed as a realistic World War II game. It provides very dynamic team play options and unique opportunities for players’ interaction and cooperation. You can build a diversified team with all 4 unit classes for instance ‐ that way every player will add up to the team strategy. I strongly believe that if players manage to experience all team modes and skills themselves, they would become very fond of Army Rage ‐ just as we are at the office. Of course, we apologize if any bugs pop out during the CBT but I’m positive our players will understand and support us in our efforts to improve the product. Did I mention the game is completely free during CBT? This means no payments, no complications – you just have to register, download and install in order to start having fun.”

Army Rage is available as a direct download and on our partnering mirror sites at

Yacuba Games is an international publisher of AAA free‐to‐play online games, mainly focusing on Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). The company officially took over the publishing of Army Rage on the European markets in November 2011 and focuses on making the game a valuable, enjoyable and realistic experience to its players.

Tuyasoft is located in Beijing and focuses on design and development of client‐based online games. The company’s young talented employees currently invest all their efforts in making Army Rage a better game‐play experience.