Army Rage to enter Open Beta Test in mid-March
Company: Yacuba Games
March 2nd, 2012 - The highly anticipated Army Rage Open Beta version will soon be online, publisher Yacuba Games has officially announced. The new update of the WWII MMOFPS game is the first major result of players’ ideas and the team’s efforts – many suggestions that were given and many fixes of issues that were reported during the closed beta test are now ready to become a fact!

Army Rage open beta launch will offer many exclusive features, including: various rankings, new maps, new weapons, new vehicles, iron sight for both bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles, upgraded deaths animation and more realistic character visual effects, new skills, RAGE abilities, as well as an entirely new game economy developed especially for Army Rage players and never experienced so far in free-to-play MMO games providing the first of its kind game balance system. Furthermore, this is not all that the new version of Army Rage will offer to its players – the start of OBT will mark the beginning of major efforts for improving the graphics of the game itself and all the user interface features.

Highlights from the closed beta:
Army Rage entered closed beta in Europe on 12th December, 2011 and in less than 3 months its dedicated development team at Tuyasoft managed to fix all most important issues, such as for example glitching and going out of maps which are usually a great problem for a long time for client-based games.
Army Rage has been generously supported by European players during its short but effective closed beta stage, that’s why the game team thanks players for being part of this test, for their enthusiasm and friendly attitude. The players have proven very serious and have built the first steps to a big and impressive community. As a sign of gratitude all participants in the closed beta will receive a great surprise from Army Rage team when the open beta starts.

What changes in details will players find in the OBT patch of Army Rage?

For many of the updates our team used suggestions from our players, most of the new content and options are highly anticipated and waited for!

New content:
Army Rage will have iron sight! You can use the iron sight when aiming with all the bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic rifles.
Bolt-action rifles: Springfield 1903A3, LeeEnfield No.4 Mk.I.
Semi-automatic rifles: M1 Garand, SVT-40.

New map: Phillipville. It's a very exciting huge map for Rush mode! It has 3 stages as follows:
- During the first stage you will have the challenge to take over and defend the train station;
- The second stage is a full-scale armour assault on an open terrain (6 tanks on each side!);
- The final challenge - third stage is an all-out attack on the enemy stronghold.

New small map - it's as Red Bazar in size. It supports Team Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Special (Pistol Wars and Melee).

New deaths animation. Do you like to see how your enemy takes his last breath? Now it’s even more realistic - depending on the bullet hit direction the soldier will respond with different animation.

Character customization – players will be able to customize their soldier’s costume to make them unique and easily recognizable in the field.

The long awaited new weapons. They are just a small part of what we have for you in the future:

Pistols: P38, Luger, Luger Artillery Type.
P38 will substitute Luger to become the default pistol for all players.
Luger will become a lot more powerful – after all it was one of the firearms heavily used by Nazi Germany.
Luger Artillery Type is a specially customized pistol for the most advanced players.

Sub-Machine guns: MP28, MP40
MP28 is the upgraded version of MP18. It holds 50 bullets and can be used for all high level classes.
MP40 is one of the most famous WWII weapons. It's exclusive for Engineers, very steady and holds 32 bullets.

Assault Rifles:
StG44, StG44 ZF
StG44's performance will be re-designed - it will be more powerful and steady.
StG44 ZF is the StG44 with mounted scope.

New functions - rankings, equipment (avatar customization), rage skill (team skill)

Rankings: Many ranking lists refreshed real-time.

Equipment: Players can equip up to 5 equipment slots for each class, all equipment will give you power-up.

RAGE Abilities: We will unlock 5 Rage skills in OBT, they are: Invincible, Attack up, Speed up, Infinite clip, Instant revival.
Invincible: you and all your teammates within 15 meters will become invincible for 5 seconds.
Attack up: you and all your teammates within 15 meters will have 150% attack power; all of your weapons will be more powerful for 7.5 seconds.
Speed up: you and all your teammates within 25 meters will run 125% faster than they normally do.
Infinite clip: you and all your teammates within 15 meters don't need to reload the weapon for 7.5 seconds.
Instant revival: you will automatically revive any friendly soldiers within 15 meters.

Other new changes:
All the heroes will be improved - they will be better-looking and faster to load.
All the tanks will also be better-looking and faster to load.
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